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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by The Wazdog, Dec 10, 2015.

  1. Hi fellow riders, just signed up and thought I better say hello. Just returning to riding after a long absence (25 years off a road bike but did have a 500cc, early 80's chook chaser on the road for a couple of years in the middle of those 25). Decided to go the cruiser route (I don't need to go 100+ kph in first gear in under 3 seconds) and bought a Yamaha xvs650. Look forward to reading and posting soon.

  2. In that case we'd better say hello back @wazdog........... hello and welcome.
  3. Hey wazdog, welcome.....
  4. 500cc chook chaser! I know how you must have felt. I rode an IT490 for a few years and gee, did that thing go!! Ok, it didn't stop too well though.

    Hi and welcome to the forum where we hope to see you join us on a ride sometime soon. Your bike looks to be nicely set up for a tour somewhere, how about a week or so in Tassie next feb??

    Cheers ;)
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  5. Welcome back..

    Awesome bike there ;)
  6. Howdy The WazdogThe Wazdog,
    The 650 is a popular bike. Yours looks pretty well knitted out.
    What year ?

    Geelong / Penninsula toy run is on this weekend if you're interested.
    It'll be huge. Last year they had 2500 bikes.
  7. welcome back to 2 wheels and Netrider Wazdog!
  8. Welcome to Netrider, and to the huge XVS-650 community, here, and further afield.... It's never too late to come back
  9. welcome aboard :) nice choice of ride :)
  10. Thanks for the welcome guys. Now to the questions, can't get the time off work for Tassie trip. The bike is a 2015. Working this weekend and next so can't make any toy runs.
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