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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Taza, May 10, 2015.

  1. Hi guys, I'm a new user, but have been riding for years. I'm excited to meet u guys and go for a ride as I've recently moved back to Melb.

    Keen for any type of riding as I few bikes that fit any cruise.

    2008 XVS1100 full custom bobber.
    2014 R1
    2012 YZ450

    I'm in Williamstown so if any u guys are around here and keen for a ride hit me up.
  2. A belated but welcome, welcome thread, welcome :)
  3. Yeah a little belated I think we be chatting on the R1 vibration thread. As u know I got this meeting tomorrow, anxiety is thru the roof. I've invested a lot of $$$$ and don't wanna be left with a turkey.
  4. Good luck with that, hope it works out ok for you.
  5. Yeah same don't think I'll sleep much tonight. Hey how do I message people on here. I was chatting to a guy that lives near me and wanna message him see if he's keen for a ride?
  6. You can't until your account upgrades to Member status. There are a few restrictions to new users. If you keep posting and interacting with the site you will upgrade soon. Posting a welcome thread as you have here will push the process along.

    They can message you and you can reply but you just can't open new messages yet.
  7. Cheers for that
  8. Welcome Taza
  9. Hey mate, looks like u have a sweet ride XVS?
  10. Yes, 2007. Have a look at the netrider ride day pictures on Uncle Greg's website for a closer look.
    There's also a few in the 'What's been done to your bike today '
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  11. Howdy Taza, and welcome to NR!
  12. welcome and enjoy the riding - heard there are lots of great roads in your area :happy:
  13. Welcome to NR