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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Zrxkev, Apr 27, 2015.

  1. Hello riders my name is Kev been into bikes since my teens (54 now) always been a fan of kawasaki. I currently own a ZRX 1200r and live in the central west nsw. Cheers all

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  2. Gday Kev, welcome to NR. Great bike, the ZRX1200.
  3. Thanks they are a good bike ,just had the suspension done made a huge difference
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  4. Welcome to the forum
  5. Hi Kev and welcome.

    Central West?
  6. Blayney just past bathurst,
  7. Welcome Kev, how's Blaney this time of year ?
    I pass through every October, but not on the bike.
  8. Thanks Steve it's not to bad out here at the moment it will soon turn into a cold hole
  9. Welcome to NR..
  10. Welcome to NR Kev!
    A nice ride you'vpe got there.
    I'll happily go for a fang with you on my little ninj if I get a rotation at Orange Base in August...few good ole NR folk out your way as well.
  11. There's some great rides out here, just got to watch out for the HWP they can be a bit sneaky. I know orange base well great staff there.
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  12. G'day and welcome to NR, Kev. The first frost can't be too far away there now...
  13. Thanks XJ6N Tuesday was the first frost , getting time to put the liners in the riding gear.
  14. I used to live on the tablelands but now near Dubbo on the slopes and plains. I've had my liners in since the second week of April...I must be getting acclimatised...or just soft.
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  15. Howdy Kev & Welcome to NR!!
  16. Thanks jaytee
  17. Welcome Nev to a place where age or sex is no barrier, and a place where we all share the same interests
  18. Thanks duke. always enjoy the ride
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