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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by MattC, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. Hi all, just wanting to introduce myself. I'm Matt, live in SE Melbourne and late last year I acquired a cheap Suzuki Across GSX250F.

    The bike was advertised as being in a minor accident and had an electrical short (fuse blows when turning on electrics). Having mechanical knowledge I thought it would be a good buy. So I picked it up - here's how it looked:
    I managed to sort out the electrical issue pretty quick (had 2 shorts, one on an indicator and one on the boot light).

    Little did I know that was only the minor part of what needed fixing - It ended up having a bent frame! I found this out when fitting up fairings from being painted, I could not get them to line up and they have no adjustment.

    I've replaced everything that has needed replacing (frame, brake disks, headlight, windscreen, brake lever, master cylinder, oil, coolant, fuel, plugs, battery, oil filter, air filter, chain, top left fairing, headlight bracket) and fixed the things that needed fixing (cleaned front disk, painted magneto cover and exhaust) . I've got tyres and fork seals booked in on Saturday then I need to organise RWC + Registration.

    The bike has still been cheap and has been a great introduction into Motorcycles (good change from cars).

    I got my learners last Thursday and hope to commute to work (Berwick - St Kilda Rd) once I feel comfortable in traffic.

    Here's how the bike looks now:

    Cheers - Matt
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  2. Welcome Matt, You post got held up in automatic moderation for a bit until I noticed. There are a few limitations on new posters, one of which is images which require approval. Keep posting and eventually these limitations will disappear.

    You may not feel comfortable getting to Saturday Practice in Elwood yet but Uncle Greg's Epic After Practice Ride has a pickup point in Rowville which may be easier for you. Just wait until you get beyond the wobbly first stages. It is a learner friendly ride but you should be Level 2 at least and well on the way to Level 3.

    Good work on the Across, its looks a new bike.
  3. Welcome to NR...

    As above. Saturday practice is a good first place..
  4. Welcome to NR! Great work on restoring the bike to its former glory!
  5. welcome aboard :]
  6. Thanks guys, looks like you've got a good community here! Can't wait to get the bike registered and join the rides. I'll probably start with the 10am Basic Skills Practice rides
  7. Welcome Matt, your resurrection looks great.
    Hopefully it sails through the RWC and rego. Does it need to be inspected ?
    FYI, the Ssturday morning sessions aren't actually a ride, unless you count getting there.
    It's a safe place to practise skills. There is often a ride afterwards.
  8. Hi Stever, cheers! I was just reading the Berwick Cruiser thread and have seen your name (I'm in Berwick)!

    Yeah it will need to be as it is currently unregistered (got a long UVP for the time being to get me to shops for tyres etc).
    I think I've covered everything after tyres/fork seals for RWC.

    Ahh okay, still it will be good to practice!