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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by SusanX, Oct 19, 2014.

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    I am just learning to ride in Melbourne. I have my L plates, but I still feel pretty under prepared. Years ago I enjoyed riding as a pillion and I have always wanted to have a go myself. So suddenly I have bought the first bike I tried that I could reach the ground on, which is a Bollini 200 and I am finally having that go. I ride purely for leisure and I'm gradually getting further away from home. When I have a lot more confidence I will probably also ride to work. You may see me on the road, I will be the slow one, I'll try to stay out of your way ;)

  2. Welcome Susan, don't worry about being too slow. Everyone has to start somewhere.
    It's better to be slow and safe than fast and unprepared.
    Where are you based ? When you are up to it maybe try one of the Saturday morning learner sessions at Elwood.
    Most of all enjoy your rides. Hopefully we'll see you out there.
  3. Welcome Susan, I'll tell you what my dad told me 30 years ago... Assume everyone on the road is a d1ckhe4d and expect them not to do the right thing.. oh, and don't end up with a tag on your toe that say "I had right of way!"... stay clear, stay safe, maintain a buffer around you and most of all... enjoy the ride! :)
  4. hello Susan welcome aboard :]
  5. Howdy, welcome aboard.
  6. hmmm Hi Susan
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    Hi Steve, Thank you for the welcome. Learner sessions sound like a neat idea. I am located in the north-east and at the moment my range on the bike has only extended out to Warrandyte, Kangaroo Ground, Hurstbridge and in to Watsonia and Bundoora, I am riding all over that area and practising like mad. Eltham is about as far south as I have been. I am taking things slow, but I hope to keep growing in confidence and may be up to a trip as far as Elwood in a few more weeks (or months). At any rate, I will keep it in mind. :)

    Hi Cowy, Thank you for the welcome. I like the sound of your dad, he seems like a smart, funny guy. That is some good advice and I will remember it. I am fairly patient on the road, I just find my own space or go with the flow. Enjoying the ride is always a given. :p

    Hello Danny :)

    Hi Jeffco, Thank you for the welcome. :)

    Howdy Mcsenna :) Thank you for the welcome.

    Hi Greg :)
  8. Welcome to NR...

    +1 to Saturday practice.... There is so much to learn. There are learner rides as well... So All in all, a complete learners paradise...

    If you need someone to ride with you there, just ask here on the forum...

    Best of luck..
  9. Hi Libran, There certainly is a lot to learn. I am only sorry that I didn't start years ago. It is funny you should say that. I had no idea about the benefits until I picked up an anonymous escort the last time I rode. It was amazing how much safer I felt, not to mention watching someone who knows what they are doing. Thanks for the tip.
  10. hi Susan :)
  11. Welcome Susan,

    I've ridden with Stever42. He's a great bloke and a very patient riding mentor.
    Happy to lend him to you, if you like ;).

    Seriously though, you could do A LOT worse.
  12. If you see a red VFR out that way, bending the road rules just a tad, it probably isn't me... :whistle:
  13. Welcome to the forum SusanX
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    Hi LordMik,
    Thank you :)

    Hi Caz :)

    Hi Mick,
    Thank you for the welcome and the reference :) That is very generous of you :D

    :cyclops: I will keep an eye out for you :)

    Hello George, Thanks for the welcome :)
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  15. Hello Susan
  16. Hello Uncle Greg
  17. :D
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