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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Lolli, Dec 14, 2013.

  1. Hi everyone, just signed up :)

    I got my license back in April, riding a Suzuki Tu250x.
  2. Hi,
    Welcome to the NR forum.

    Where abouts are you located? (what's your local riding area?)
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  3. Welcome!
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  4. im in vic (west side)
    what about you guys?
  5. A lot of us have our locations in our profiles and they show under our avatars and user names on the lest of the page.
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  6. Ah yeah I can see it now. I'll update my profile
  7. Hello and welcome Lolli, I see one of those TU250 bikes most days near where I work in Collingwood.
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  8. Thank you pwbike.
    It is a great bike to learn on
  9. Welcome to netrider Lolli, are you hot :)
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  10. Welcome to NR !
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    Thank you :)

    Everyone in Melbourne should be pretty hot, it was 40c yesterday lol
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  12. Welcome. Love that bike.
  13. Welcome to NR Lolli.

    You should come down to the Saturday practice but watch out for Uncle Greg.
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    Thank you Cam

    so I have been warn about uncle greg lol
  15. Hi lollie it's billy if your free Monday meet me at the seven eleven were we met and I'll bring my harley their to show you I'll meet you at 10 oclock in the morning if you can't make it let me no and we will make it another time billy
  16. Sorry bill, I will be working, may be another time.
    Have a good Xmas
  17. Ok cool lollie no problem have a great Christmas and a happy new year to you and all the family ride safe
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  18. Welcome to the forums Lolli, hope to see you on a ride sometime. :)
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  19. Welcome to the forums, nice looking bike!

  20. Welcome... that TU is a great bike... still have mine, and it's great to get around on when you need to go to the shops or something.