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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Dimmu, Nov 29, 2013.

  1. Hi Fellow riders,

    I registered on netrider awhile ago but was in read only mode . I remember the CB400 thread was about 100 posts back then; now it's 200+; then I lost my password and here I am again :)
    I've been riding my faithful CB since my L's which was a few years ago. Now I'm on fulls and don't wanna part with it yet. I will probably get it to 50k and upgrade to... another CB400! Nah kidding. I'm thinking of something sports touring like Ninja1K.

    happy riding everyone!
    captain mayevsky

  2. Hello and welcome all over again then :)
    The real Captain Slow (James May) has a Honda 400/4 I believe, I remember seeing an article in a magazine where he was singing its praises as a classic.
  3. Welcome (back)

    I suspect that James May might have the original 400/4....

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  4. Yes, I'm sure he does.
  5. Oh how confusing, will the real Captain Slow please stand up
  6. I'm ok to be Captain Mayevsky :) Is there a way to change the nickname?