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Hello :)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by SinBandits, Nov 16, 2013.

  1. Hi everyone! I've just recently got my L's and was recommended to check out this site by the guy who sold me a cbr250r.
    Looking forward to going on rides, meeting new people and gaining more experience :)

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  2. welcome to net rider and not wanting to break tradition are you hot :)
  3. Nobody has ever asked that of me!

    Welcome SinBandit from an oldie but relative newbie to riding.
  4. Hello and welcome :)
    There seem to be a lot of new people in the last week or so.
  5. Welcome !
  6. its spring/summer. gonna be getting alot of new riders on the forums and on the roads pwbike.

    anyways welcome to the forums, make use out of the subforums for your bike maintenance and riding tips. ALOT of info on this site.

    all the best
  7. Welcome, SinBandits!

    Well are you?
  8. I think hes merry just quietly

    could you please move to Melbourne?
  9. I'm more Pippin, actually.
  10. im having a spit roast tonight

    ahh quoted wrong post
  11. Thank you Jeffco :)
    And not to break tradition, I shouldn't really answer that question :p

    Thanks Petesul, I hope I learn as much as you have :)

    Thank you pwbike.
    Yes I've noticed that too from all the posts in the Welcome Lounge :)

    Thanks Monkeyman.
    You're nice too :)

    Thank you GoldNine.

    Thank you kw0n3k, and thanks for the tip. I'll make sure I check out the site for everything and anything :)

    Me? or Petesul?

    Hahaha! Maybe after I get a full time job :p I am a student at UWS. Kinda stuck here for another year.

    Pippin is my favourite hobbit from LotR! Haha

    Ooo that sounds delicious! Will you be sharing with the rest of us?
  12. just you and monkeyman, its a tradition
  13. Haha ride all the way down to Vic? Thanks, but I'm good staying up here in NSW :)
  14. That was for Petesul. I didn't want him feeling left out.

    Thank you! At least someone got the reference! :D
  15. I got it, pippin likes feeling merry
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  16. Haha no worries :D
    Naawww, I think Petesul is probably a better looker than me ^_^
  17. somehow I doubt it
  18. In this case capitals are important.. :p