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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Flydoc, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. Hi all. I am a female bike rider with long skinny fingers. Any suggestions for gloves? Most of the ones that are small enough to allow for dexterity seem to have fingers that finish half way up my fingers. I need size small/long, not small/stubby. I have Oxtar BMX gloves for summer, they seem to be the only ones that fit, can't find decent winter ones and te summers are wearing out. Suggestions welcome.

  2. nfi
    welcome to nr
  3. Welcome to Netrider. I have RST's for Summer and will be getting some Alpinestars shortly (for next Winter). I found it difficult to find some with long fingers, that weren't loose fitting too. It's a matter of trying on a heap. Go to a good quality Bike Accessory shop.
  4. Get whatever fits, then put heated grips onto your bike, so you won't need to have summer/winter gloves.

    Also, welcome to Nutrider. :)
  5. Welcome,
    Have you tried Dririder assen gloves? I know a lady with long fingers who wears them. Although I think she had to grab the mens... maybe try both!
  6. Welcome to NR :) I'm surprised 4 messages in and the question is still to be asked :eek:
  7. Wait can I do it?
  8. Why not we cant let traditions slip by :p
  9. Welcome to NR , @Flydoc ! With a user name like that , RFDS are you ? Re the gloves , maybe have a look at Five gloves if there's any where in WA that stocks them . Gloves are all that Five manufacture , so they may have something . Just a thought .
  10. where's crisis?

    welome to the forummm
  11. Hello and welcome, best advice is go to a shop that stocks lots of different gloves. It took me a while to find my winter and summer gloves that fit well and were comfortable while offering good protection.
  12. Welcome along, Flydoc.
    Sorry, I can't help with the question... I have non-skinny digits
  13. doc , are you hot ?
  14. untitled.
  15. When I joined the forum, nobody asked me if I'm hot... I feel like I've missed out on a right of passage! :(
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  16. Doesn't that mean that someone already knows the answer?
  17. Yeah, I guess I'm just too hot to handle... NOT! ;)
  18. And now I'm curious as to why no gender symbol appears by your name.
    Maybe that was why you didn't get asked the question...
  19. let me be Sandra sully with the late news

    are you hot danny_tb :LOL:
  20. @FlyDoc, Welcome to NetRider, which is also known as NUTRider.
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