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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Ska_let, Nov 11, 2013.

  1. Hi newbie first post. I am an odd breed of person, I ride both a cruiser and a classic scooter - though obviously not at the same time.

    I ride as often as being a mother of 3 and having 2 jobs allows me to (so generally not much)

    I have in the last 18 months returned to riding after a 25 year break - literally - fell off in the wet and broke my right knee and both wrists.

    I'm a 40 something old woman with little confidence learning to ride all over again and hoping not to fall off because I won't heal as quickly as I did when I was young.

    I finally convinced my OH to get his bike license, so my mother's day present this year was him attending his pre-learners. He is coming along more quickly than I, perhaps because he isn't quite 40 something and has no prior recollection of injury - and he's a boy - they don't seem to have the fear factor us girls do for some reason.

    Hope to gain and share where I can with this group of people. I gained friends and knowledge for the scooter community when I first bought Emelda, now hoping to expand my riding experience on Scout - I've posted pics in the "garage" of both my bikes.

    Thanks for welcoming me.
  2. Welcome to NetRider @Ska_let. Enjoy your ride.
  3. Hello and welcome, you live in a great area.
  4. aaannnddd ,,,,,,wait for it..... hello
  5. woops I meant to say are you hot?
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  6. So not hot. over 40 mother of 3. fat and old.
  7. im over 50 so your probably not too bad to me
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  8. G'day, welcome. Old and fat can be classed as hot, why not ?
    It's a standard question around here, by the way 40 aint old ….trust me.
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  9. Welcome, 40ish counts as a pup & if you ride you are immediately 38% hotter.
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  10. Boys, boys.
    Welcome along Ska_let. Enjoy getting back out there.
    Take care
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  11. wait....
    YOU GOT A ER6? that wasn't part of our plan !
  12. Welcome !
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  13. Chill, there's now one more of your kind here. I tried to push Fin towards BMW but she couldn't handle standing out from the crowd & went the beige option.
  14. @87crisis @109er
    I hope y'all won't need to stop quite so often for me catch up
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  15. Pfft, crisis needs to stop for a smoke every 15ks or he's in danger of catching a bad case of healthy ".
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  16. he's spot on.....or my bike will explode from too much awesome.
  17. Again
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  18. welcome aboard and 40 aint old :)
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  19. Welcome. About time you got here