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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Bluefang, Jul 19, 2013.

  1. Hope this allows me to post pictures :) I already started a thread in the modified forum about converting a bike to Electric. Everything is going will with it and now just waiting for the Approved engineer to come and give it a big tick of approval so i can register it.

    If you have any questions about electric vehicles, even electric push bikes let me know i will probably be able to steer you in the right direction, i have built and worked on too many to count :)

  2. Welcome to NR Bluefang.

    Sounds like you have an electrifying hobby :)
  3. Thanks for the Welcome,
    yeah my hobby keeps everything more interesting when you can zap yourself with it :)

    I noticed your in the GC too, once I get the bike up and running I am looking for as many opinions on it as possible(in terms of ride and use) so if you want to have a ride of a electric motorbike just let me know. Same goes for anyone who is localish, I'll be riding the bike to Brisbane afew times too.
  4. There are some great roads around here :) but what's the range?
  5. seriously.....welcome and looking forward to hearing about your handywork
  6. ~150km at 100km/h, the slower we go the better my range would be, 200km at 80km/h. Well thats assuming everything works as efficiently as i am hoping. The charge time would be about 3-4hrs tho, so abit long for a full recharge over lunch but a top up would go alot further.
  7. i presume you've already looked down the path of having a battery bank setup? perhaps an interchangable second battery that you can carry in a backpack and slot in place when needed ? i'm nowhere near educated enough and the idea of owning one doesn't really appeal to me (hell i don't even like going past carby bikes) but the concept is a interesting one
  8. this place already has enough nutters
  9. Battery bank in my back pack :) I wish. My complete battery pack for that 150km range would weight ~50-60kg. Which is just under half the bike weight.

    Tesla the car manufacture are doing a battery swap system for a 5min recharge on their new S car, but that battery probably weights in excess of 400kg. Dreaming of the day where the battery is the size of a bottle of coke and able to give a 600km range, which would put it pretty close to the specific energy of petrol.
  10. what type of power do you require from your batteries?
  11. Welcome mate - i've been watching your other thread.....impressive.

    Good luck to you.
  12. Corrected for truth
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  13. Thanks for the welcomes.
    The batteries are setup for a nominal voltage of 74V DC on this bike, peak power draw will be ~300amps. Normal cruising would be about 50 amps for a highway run. I have a total of 100ah at 74V, So 7.4kw battery pack. About 3x the Zero street/dirt bikes and almost exactly the same as the upper model Zero bike.
  14. pretty sure a battery bike wouldnt do it for me or most
    people , and what is point of wasting all that electricity anyway,
    just to go slow and be vulnerable...
  15. well phil has voiced his opinion so you mightaswell sell the bike for scrap mate:banghead: ....was worth a try i guess *shrugs* better luck next time yea? :ROFLMAO:
  16. Thats fine, alot of people wont like electric and wont be able to remove them selves from the "good" vibrations their bikes give them(personally i absolutely hate those vibrations, hence building a electric motorbike). But please don't miss understand that electrics are slow, this current bike i have built which i think will be slow in terms of my electric bikes has well over double the power it had as petrol at ~30hp+ now. Also the fastest bike on pikes peak atm is a electric, which is soon to be raced in the TTXGP. Hopefully the last piece arrives for the bike this week so i can get some video of it as soon as its registered.
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  17. I'd certainly be keen to test your creation. I'm in the western suburbs of Brisbane, happy to meet anywhere (since I'd be riding my bike to get there).
  18. Would be great to get as many peoples opinions on the bike as possible, great to hear you are interested in having a test ride. Should have it up and running in another 2 weeks.
  19. OMG i can up load pictures now. Need to still attach the rear wheel hugger and a front wheel hugging fender. Tidy up the wiring, mount the long range packs in the open space then get a cover made up to make it all nice and clean/simple looking.

  20. Hi Bluefang and welcome to NR!! What an interesting project you have there. Best of luck with it. Who knows, you may end up with the perfect prototype for a larger company!

    By the way, how did you add a pic to your comment? I still can't figure out how to add a pic to a comment from my desktop.
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