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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Oldteach, May 20, 2013.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Got my bike license back in October 2012 (at the young age of 38), and got a XVS650A once the LAMS rules changed in WA. I live in the South West of WA that has some awesome rides.

    I have just ordered a custom bobber kit for the Yamaha, will start it off in about 8 weeks.

    I have read through a couple of threads (one was extremely helpful) so decided to become more active here.

    Ride safe,

  2. Welcome and enjoy your riding days :) Be sure to post up some before and after pics of your bike (y)
  3. Cheers for that, certainly will, thinking about doing the Youtube thing with progress slide show along with music, but will see how we go. Maybe with the occasional voice over when things go wrong (mental note to self, purchase a industrial bleep device for swearing):arghh:
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  4. Welcome @Oldteach . It's always good to see a fellow West Australian on the forum. And someone from the country! I also started riding in the late 30's, about 6 years ago now. I noticed elsewhere you are talking of getting another bike. Be careful, they are easy to accumulate. I currently have 4.
  5. lol, I am learning that very quickly, I am trying to resist the urge but I think I have already lost. To be honest, I will have a close look at the Vstrom, but the shop also has a new Ducati Lams Monster which I want to try even though I think my excessive legs will fail me.

    If it feels good though, the Ducati will win.
  6. You are a very accomplished 4 year old. Kudos.
  7. Welcome Oldteach.

    What's the XVS650 like to ride? I've been thinking about upgrading to one in the coming months (if the finances get better!;) ).

    I currently ride a Suzuki VL250 Intruder, which is great to zip around town etc, but struggles to maintain 100kph out on the highway.