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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by beefy32, May 6, 2013.

  1. Hey there, new rider here, based in Brisbane.

    Been thinking about learning to ride for about 6 months and have just started on lessons - still only need two hands to count my hours on a bike. I've been lurking for a fair while, and the amount of information and discussion on here has been damn helpful, so I figured it's time to say g'day.


    Got my gear last weekend, so there's one last hurdle to clear - deciding on a bike.
    The wallet says a second hand GS500 or VTR250, the head says a CB500F, but then again I am pretty much in love with the ER6nl.

    all academic until I'm ready to test ride em all though. :sneaky:


  2. Hey mate,
    Where in Brissy are ya? I'm north side in Narangba. I ride the er6n and I love it mate! Great bike...
  3. Hi Beefy ... welcome ...
  4. Welcome beefy :)
  5. Welcome mate.

    All those choices are great bikes.

    GS500 will do you solid, as will the VTR. How big are you? If you're 6'+ or a tad heavier I'd suggest at least the GS500.
    Then again my housemate is like 6'3 and 105kg or something and gets around on the VTR250 no problem.
    Personally I prefer something a bit bigger as I do a lot of long distance riding.
  6. thanks for the welcomes.

    I'm based on the southside - sherwood.

    yeah, I'm 5'11" and about 90kgs, so on that borderline where 250s might be a bit on the small side. I've been told I might get a day on a vtr at my next lesson, so that'll be interesting. 250s have been alright for lessons... gah, I think I'll just try em all and get the one I like.