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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Midlifer, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. I've been on here researching and checking out a few things for a while so I thought I had better get around to saying Hi. Just got my Q-Ride Certificate of competency today. Still freaks me out a bit that after two days of learning and assessment I can go from never having ridden anything other than a pushy to having a licence (RE) and being let loose on the road. While the skills part of the lessons - slow riding, emergency braking and evasion from 40kph, hill starts and slalom where good, it was a bit of a leap hitting the streets and using more than 1st and 2nd gear in the road competency. Especially riding up to 80kph in the rain for the first time. I guess no better way to learn than the deep end. Been driving for 25 years (and cursing riders) so I guess that means I'm the right age to do compulsive things like this even if it doesn't impress my wife. Now I just have to get something to ride. Cruisers seem to appeal. Must be the chrome. Thanks for all the helpful tips and insights. (y)

  2. Welcome aboard young chap :). Any kinds of cruisers in mind??
  3. sounds like another 650 vstar on the cards?
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  4. Hi Midlifer. First thing I did coming home from the test ride was writing down everything I could remember about what my instructor said. Best to get a bike soon while your memory of how to ride is still fresh too.

    That's the excuse I should've used but I wasn't financially ready for another 20 months. The real fun part is about to begin: test rides!
  5. Yeah the 650 Classic looks great. Love the curves and chrome. The Honda VT400 is another contender but doesn't quite have the looks. I've only ridden a CB125e so I'm wondering if going with a much heavier bike first up is wise or won't even be a factor.
  6. Hey, welcome :)

    While you're researching bikes, could,you buy yourself a bigger font for posting on the forum? :ROFLMAO:
  7. Welcome.
    Completing Q-ride in the rain is an extra challenge, but you are also lucky in a way that you got to ride in the rain with an instructor around.

    Like SlowPoke said, get a bike as soon as reasonable, and ride frequently, even if you can't ride for long.

    Where are you looking?
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    I would suggest just get a toy bike with the plan of upgrading later til u get & get off your p's coz anything you now is going to be gimped and you'll want to upgrade later anyway.

    For example even if you want something like a boulevard C50 which are only about 10k and smallish capacity (800), its still bigger than lams will allow.

    Plus if you're a hesitant learner you might be better to build your skills on a more onventional bike style.

    Oh and test ride everything.
  9. 650 v star will seem big for about 2 weeks
    any lams buje will also seem fast for about 2 weeks

    but by the time a full R , you WILL want more.
    Its just the way it is so roll with it.

    buy a seconhand vstar
  10. You can't go wrong with an XVS 650 for a lams cruiser. I don't think I've heard anyone say a bad thing about them.
    Best all rounder IMO is CB400

    Just my 2 cents
    Hi and welcome btw :)
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  11. Yes, no need to buy brand new.
    Plenty of good second hand lams bikes
  12. Welcome and happy and safe riding