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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Bucky, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. So I am coming from the states to ride at the best track in the world, Phillip Island! I am hiring a bike from MADAZ. I had asked about bringing a better set of tires to mount on the bike instead of the Dunlop Q2s cause Id like to have the mental confidence of knowing that I have better grip at a high speed track. I was told by the track club that I am not the only one riding the bike, and that there are other riders in different groups sharing the bike:unsure:. Does anyone have any knowledge about this?!?

    Anyone know of another place I could hire a bike? I found a place that hires them for street, but not sure if they allow a track day.

  2. How long are you Here for?
  3. I will be in Oz from the feb 21st thru march 13th. I will be traveling a bit throughout the three weeks for the Soundwave Festival, but I plan on riding in sydney and possible somewhere in Melbourne midweek in-between the festivals.
  4. Honestly mate, the way the new surface is chewing tyres, I'd gladly use Mark's Q2's, especially when he's covering the rubber as part of the price. In answer to your Q, yes you'll be sharing the bike with guys in the other groups, which is actually nice as the bike and tyres stay hot all day.
  5. I was just more concerned with having to pay extra since I would probably wear the tires out pretty good, as my 211s or slicks are done after a day at laguna seca or Infineon raceway (formerly Sears Point). I read that they would charge extra if the tires were worn excessively. I have a free checked bag for the international flight and thought I could bring over a set of Dunlop slicks as the bag if I wrapped them up. It seems like you guys are getting raped on the tire prices since everything has to be imported.
  6. Yep! You can get them landed here, and then fitted, for a lot cheaper than the shops are (I guess, have to) charge!
  7. Can you pack me a set of Dunlops slicks too??