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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by CaptnKrunchy, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. Hello Everyone!
    I am a new member to Netrider, have had the motorbike calling at the ripe age of 38 and just purchased a Suzuki GS500.
    You may see me roaming the streets of Berwick, trying to get a hang of this new adventure.
    G'day G'day G'day!!!


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  2. Welcome, both to Netrider, and to the numberless horde of GS-500 owners :ROFLMAO:
  3. welcome, never to late to start!!!! :)
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  4. Howdy! (y) Good choice on the GS
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  5. Welcome mate :) I'm down in narre so I might see you around
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  6. In Narre South too I bought my first this year having never ridden before at age 39:)(y). If you haven't yet head in to Saturday morning practice in Elwood buddy. Awesome guys and girls there that will try and help you improve your skills and riding. Nice choice of bike by the way I wished I had bought a bigger bike first up.
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  7. Yup, what he said above :) welcome
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  8. Haha...thanks!
  9. Allot of people have told me that...very comforting.
  10. Awesome...but how will I know??...lol
  11. aahhh good to hear, is this what they call mid-life crisis??...for me, it's just a new adventure...just started later than others. ;)

    where in Elwood? sounds great.
  12. doesnt matter if you started later than others point is YOUR RIDING!!!!!
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  13. Look out for a guy on a black ninja with a bright green/black leather jacket :p
  14. OK, no worries.
  15. sıɥʇ buıpɐǝɹ ɹnoʎ ɟı ɥbnouǝ buıpıɹ ʇou ɹnoʎ
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  16. Welcome to NR :)

    ++++1 on RedRobbo's invite to Saturday practice. Great for getting the basics down, and just having a good chinwag with lots of other NRs. There's a thread in the Ride Announcements - VIC for it.

    Here: https://netrider.net.au/threads/vic...ractice-sessions.115150/page-523#post-2489301
    Read the first post, then skip the next zillion or so pages.

    If you feel you need an escort, post a request in the thread and someone can get in contact with you. I'm usually available (I'm in Eumemmerring - riding an orange/black Z1000), but I couldn't take you home this Saturday as I have other plans. I'm going TO practice tho, and also to brekky in St Kilda (there's a thread for that too), so if you want to come along, just give a hoy.

  17. Welcome to NR, hope you enjoy the ride. Another +1 for Saturday practice. Hope you can get down and say Hi.
  18. Alright Krunchy, I'll add this to the list of places to take you to. We'll get you down to Elwood soon. I think I may be a bad influence though.......

    And lets go and get some good pics of your bike mate.