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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by thinggy42, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. Hey guys

    I have a wedding to go to on Saturday at kangaroo valley and I wanted to ask how difficult you think the trip from kangaroo valley on learners would be?

    I’ve been riding for almost a year (been lazy haven't gone for my p's yet) but I still haven’t gone for a trip this long. The furthest I’ve ridden is from Richmond right into the city. I wouldn’t go on the highway as I can only ride to 80kmh so I was thinking of this route


    Do you guys think it’s an easy ride or should I call this trip a miss and go with a friend in a car instead?

    Thanks heaps in advance!

  2. easy ride at 80kmph plan a few stops on the way ,
  3. This bit looked intimidating can anyone tell me if its really difficult / windy at this part?

  4. how are we to know what the weather is going to do an any given day ,,just get on your bike and ride there ,,your in no hurry ride at your own pace ,i dont know what you mean buy intimidating ,its just a nother road ,,,,
  5. Pros:
    • Get out and experience real riding.
    • Gain more experience on the bike, get a better feel for how it behaves on different roads and corners.
    • See some countryside.
    • 170km in wedding clobber.
    • Can't drink.
    • A long day ride up - wedding - ride back if you aren't used to it. If you are staying the night then that's OK
    It's up to you, in the longer term I would say yes get out and do these kind of rides. Enjoy what motorcycling is about. But it may be the time for you, if you are feeling confident and comfortable on the bike then go ahead.

    Sorry can't tell you much about that road but it looks fun :)
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  6. If I remember correctly, it is a little tricky. Not windy but narrow, poorly maintained with lots of large potholes and crappy surfaces and potentially slippery if wet (and it could be wet a while after the rain, due to being largely in the shade). Doable - it is just a road after all - but caution is definitely advised.
  7. The only problem you will have with that bit of road is the trucks. The surface is good through the twisty bits though a bit rough at the bottom of the valley, and it isn't particularly narrow. It consists of a number of straights connected by 25kph hairpins then opens up down the bottom. If you ride a bike, you will enjoy it!
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  8. I drove that in a car about two weeks ago, and wanted to come home and get my bike. There are some really tight downhill turns - I think they'd be good practice, but not if you've had no experience on twisty roads.

    There's no armco in spots - if you cock it up in some spots, you're going down the hillside.

  9. Won't you be drinking if it's a wedding?

    Even if you're staying overnight, won't you be hung over the next day? :hungover:

    Take the cage!
  10. ride it...you won't know if you don't try - and if you fcuk up you get to come back to us with a awesome story....win win....just take it easy n you'll be fine ...but as others have suggested if you havn't done many long trips i wouldn't take the bike unless you were staying overnight....weddings are fcuking boring and will only add to your exhaustion by the time you have to leave...so ...if your staying the night there....take the bike...if not....hitch a ride n get hammered
  11. What you mean boring? There is always who gets a bridesmaid to play bonus points for during the reception .............
  12. ahh i dont drink so that part of the wedding doesn't appeal to me :p
    I was just worried mainly about going alone and the difficulty. I guess ill leave early and take everything slow if i do go!

    Depends on the weather as well, if theres rain then ill go with a friend for sure!
  13. That bit you highlighted caught a learner mate of mine out. We were on a ride about 10 years ago from Epping to Kangaroo Valley.

    She fell coming into one of those tight downhill hairpins. Not sure how as I didn't see it, but it ground a hole the size of a 20C piece in the clutch cover on her Suzuki Across and left the bike unridable due to the lack of oil now in her engine.

    She was on her first ride out of Sydney with me and we were riding together for the whole time, but she insisted that when we get to the good bits, I was to ride at my pace and then meet her at the end of it all. She wasn't there to spoil my fun, so it was agreed that I ride at my pace, she would ride at hers, and then I'd wait for her to catch up once through the fun stuff. I thought this would actually be a good thing as it left her under no pressure to ride over her head just because I was with her.

    I got to the top of that hill and took off through that series of hairpins at a pace I was comfortable with considering the conditions ( shady and damp road in that section), just as I had coming up Mac Pass and also through the more technical parts of the Natio. When I pulled up this time though, she never came trundling up behind me a few minutes later though, so I went looking for her.

    Its downhill, damp a lot of the time due to it being in the shade all day which in turn means that if you get off line it can be slippery because of the eucalyptus oil and green moss growing on it. That was in the middle of winter though. It shouldn't be like that this time of year.

    If I were you, I would ride it, as it will be a great experience, but just be cautious, ride at a comfortable pace and take a break at Robbo so you aren't too fatigued and are on your game. It isn't that far from Richmond really, but a ride that long can be fatiguing if you haven't put too many klms under your butt yet. Good luck, have fun and relax and enjoy the ride.
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  14. youve been riding a year and your worried to ride from richmond to kv wow
  15. Thanks for that information, yeah i think id take it pretty slow!

    im just trying to be careful is all, ive never been down that way so i thought id ask some more experienced people their opinions

    Also is anyone here familiar with laws regarding using your mobile as a gps on your learners? I have the correct mount so it would be attached to the handlebars properly but im ust not sure if its legal or not.
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    Ah sorry I posted below and then saw you said you had correct mount. You are probably ok but you are forbidden on a P or L license to use it as a phone while in motion. This includes bluetooth headsets. Probably hard for them to catch you but they can inspect the call logs on the phone if they pull you over.

    Disregard below.

    Not legal in NSW I am afraid.

    A mobile phone’s GPS (or other driver’s aid) function may only be used if:
    • the phone is secured in a commercially designed and manufactured fixed mounting, and
    • the mounting is fixed in a location that will not distract or obscure your view in any way, and
    • the use of the driver’s aid does not distract you from driving or from being in proper control of your vehicle.
    I use mine in the clear cover of a tank bag with the top zipped up. I can hear the directions if it is slow suburban but I don't have to look at it. If I need to then I stop and have a look.

    It is particularly penalised for Provisional and Learners when used as a phone so be careful.
  17. mate...if you want to do it, just do it.

    Me n the missues rode up past newcastle and back from Blacktown via the Putty, after 3 months on our on our L's. Took a while @ 80km/h. Good fun.
  18. Way back in 1980 I was in a dilemma about doing something. An older and wiser friend gave me these seven words of wisdom......

    "don't think about it, just do it"

    I've never looked back.
  19. My first ride on a bike was a putty loop via wollumbi and old road. i survived.
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    If you ride, keep your head up and look ahead and through the corner. You go where you look, if you look up ahead then you can pick a line, if you look just in front of your front wheel you won't have time to miss any gravel etc anyway. This is especially important for downhill corners as the braking will push your head down.

    If you think you are going too fast and you are already on the corner, look through the corner and try not to roll off or brake and your bike will make it, rather than braking as it will just run you wide and off. This bit is the hardest thing you can do because all your survival instincts will fight you.

    Edit: The other thing that makes downhill corners hard is because all your weight is shifted to your wrists in braking, this means that you accidentally steering the bike with this input which makes the bike feel unsteady and run wide and contributes to crashes. You can minimise this by using your knees to hold on rather than using your arms to hold yourself up. (this is more for feet under you bikes rather than cruisers). Keep the grip on the bars as light as possible.
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