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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Mark Gibbons, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. Just posting in this little “welcome lounge” - Not sure exactly what to say or do, but I'll follow up with a brief description and hope I'm doing it right. (y)

    Names Mark, and I am a beginner rider, I purchased my first bike a couple months ago, and I sha'll be going for my learners permit this week (Finally) - My CBR 125R Is having a few issues at the moment, and I have no idea how to fix these simple problems, nor do I have the tools, so I'm about to swallow my pride and allow a mechanic to charge away, but before I can even get my roady, Theres some moneys that needs to appear. :chicken:

    I joined here to get some advice really, I'm celebrating my 18th birthday TONIGHT - (So I guess the birthday part of this thread also applies, two birds with one stone, right?)

    Anywho, once I pay this mechanic to charge my battery (which is my only problem) I should be sorted; I hope to stick around. ;D
  2. Welcome.
    A batter charge is going to take some time and it may not hold the charge.
    You might be able to find someone here who has a charger and/or can help out.
  3. I can dream - I'm assuming I'm going to have a few weeks before it all starts coming together - I have some damaged fairings too from my first little accident, I'm hoping it doesn't affect my roady.
  4. Post a help thread in Maintenance and Servicing. Guys here can be really helpful. If someone can't directly help you out might be advise you how to pull the battery out to take it in to get tested and maybe charged or how to replace it.
    It depends on the bike but with mine it's just a key to unlock the seat, undo 2 screws, unclip a strap and slide it out.
    To charge it I don't even remove it - just plug in a maintenance charger.
    You'll need to know how to get to the battery yourself anyway in case you are out on the road and it dies and you need a jump start.
    Last battery that died on me I called the NRMA and had to unclip and remove the seat myself because the NRMA guy didn't know how to. Like it ain't brain surgery.
    Getting to the battery yourself or being shown how to is a great place to start learning about your bike. Other simple stuff like changing globes and adjusting and lubricating the chain could follow.
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  5. I'll definitely check that part out - I'm surprised that the NRMA guy didn't know how - Astonishing to me really. - Actually, finding some-one who'll be able to show me first hand how to do minor servicing would be fantastic. Thank-you!
  6. Hey buddy welcome and get down to Saturday morning practice when you can. By the way enjoy your 18th mate:).
  7. Welcome mate and happy birthday :)
  8. Thank-you! - I have to get this registration/roady done before I can, I mean, showing up on foot wouldn't be much of an intro! (y)
  9. You can pop down even if you don't have your bike yet mate. I did, great bunch of people we don't bite :finger:.
  10. hey! welcome to NR.

    pop down to saturday 'practice' whenever... more chinwagging gets done than practicing anyway but you're always welcome to do that too!

    good luck with your license this week :)

    regarding the fairings... dont let them stop you coming along if it's just cosmetic.