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Hello :)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Onyx, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    I'm Onyx. I ride motorbikes. Feed me your children.

    Oh, I was also wondering what the going rate was for a plain old RWC for a 1000cc in Victoria? Last time I got one it was around $70 but I heard it's quite a bit more now.

    Thank you in advance.
  2. Hi & welcome. My friend paid $120 a couple of months ago
  3. Seem to recall a RWC only being $65 in Vic, but yeah - wouldn't surprise me if they've raised the price a substantial amount. They have to make up for the less than expected speed camera revenue somehow.

    Welcome to NR. Don't have any children you can eat, and not sure if you really want to swallow any of my "almost children" :p :LOL:.
    (yes, expect anything you say to be twisted against you in the dirtiest way possible ;)).
  4. Giday
    Dumb rules over there hope
    SA never gets that bs
  5. onyx....brooooo....for the ladies out there - Are you hot?
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  6. 120 - 150,
    need to take pictures etc... now,
    plus held responsible and big $$$ fines.

    so not many dodgies around, or half assed (half labour)..
  7. I'm hot.

    ...Real hot.
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  8. [MENTION=37721]nina[/MENTION] [MENTION=35275]Aly[/MENTION] [MENTION=32879]chicken78[/MENTION] @ all the other hormonal buggers ...he's hot...and look he's even modest about it ! didn't say he was the best thing since sliced bread or nuthin'

    i think they'll require a picture though onyx.
  9. ^^^ Smooth. With a capital 'SMOO'

  10. on a unrelated note the most beautiful word in the english language is cellar door ?
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  11. Why are you wearing that stupid man-suit?
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  12. a photo would be handy
  13. :worthlesspics:

    A motorcyclist that is modest? never :p
  14. Haven't been on the forum that long yet, but seems like you already know too much about me :cheeky:
  15. That's two words.
  16. Yep - pics required for a statement like that lol...

    Wecome to the hot.. I mean.. nuthouse (y)
  17. [​IMG]

    Sup, ladies?
  18. Stuff the ladies, gimme sommodat!
  19. Obvious troll is obvious.