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Hello :)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ryana89, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. Hello, just a newbie about to do some lurking/research.

    Currently drive one of these, but looking to 'downsize' to a bike for daily duties.


  2. :biker:Hi and welcome,havent seen many of those around (those models)VWs
  3. One of the original GTI's nice.
  4. Welcome :) truly jealous, love the car
  5. Thank-you guys, MK2's are great little cars, it always keeps me 'busy' haha.
    Some (well most) of the riders on this forum have drool worthy bikes!

  6. he's obviously talking about my 1994 zzr 250 being drool worthy.....it's understandable that alot of people envy old red - they just knew they couldn't handle so much awesome so bitched out on buying it when i had it up for sale.

    welcome ryana89 mate...enjoy the forum.
  7. welcome to NR, am sure you'll enjoy :)
  8. indeed, a cult car in its day and growing in stature with the passing years

    Welcome to Netrider, by the way....
  9. Welcome Ryana89. Nice rig. Can you keep it AND get a bike? Unless you have access to another car of course. GF, Wife or something.
  10. Thank-you fella's :)
    There are sooooo many helpful threads in the forum for someone like me.

    The plan is to have another form of transport (VTR250 Hopefully) so the MK2 can get a bit of attention.
  11. Excellent! Always handy to keep a car for those instances where you need to go pick up a slab of beer. :beer:

    VTR is a great looking bike. Pics when you get it!!!
  12. Welcome to NR. (y)
  13. Peddled/idled a friends GSX250F around a car park tonight, my god, can't describe how it felt :) First time on a bike (with a motor)

    Need to find a QLD VTR first, gonna be sniffing through the classifieds for a few weeks.
    Liquor or BP ultimate are the preffered liquids of choice ;)