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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by 4flyen, May 10, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,

    Jay here. Moved here from Christchurch NZ back 2009 with my learners licence which I had held for 6 years so when I went to convert it over at the RTA get told that I can go onto my full if I just do my Pre-Provisional so thought why not.

    Got myself a little ZZR250 which I thought would see me through but so much more roads here so figure it was time for an upgrade. As much as I was looking for my ideal bike which would have been a GSXR750, I ended up getting a K3 1000.

    Yeah I know massive jump but is was actually cheaper and better value for the future. Transition was pretty hard but think I have a hang of it well somewhat.

    Couple of months ago was my birthday so after having the K3 for a couple of years thought its time to move with the times so managed to get myself stunning white K9 which I am very happy and impressed with.

    Thought I would join because I often struggle to find groups or people to go rides with as either the timing doesnt suit or other people who I have convinced to get a licence still havent got bikes haha.

    Anyway here I am and hope to see some good things through here. I ride from Marsfield to North Sydney most days for work and pretty much keen for a ride anytime :)
  2. Welcome jay. Isn't it sad that you can buy a terrific unrestricted bike for less than the cost of a LAMS bike?
  3. Thanks Paul.

    Haha yeah tell me about it. I work for a motorcycle insurance company and believe me that I see it all too often.
  4. Hello Jay, and welcome along. I reserve the right to tell sheep jokes, ok? But perhaps not on your first day. LOL. Nice to meet you.

    I've sampled a K1, (ratty, not well cared for or set up), a K3, (nice, but didn't ride it for long enough) and a K5, (which I only had about 10 min on, and it had a full yoshi system and a Power Commander and a couple of hours on the dyno in the hands of experts, and it had the best throttle / injection / fuelling of any vehicle in my experience.) What a K9 would be like I can only imagine, but I'm drooling.
  5. Haha yeah your gonna have to ease me into it.

    The K9 is a dream compared to the K3. Luckily I dont really have to spend anything on the K9 cos it came with fender eliminator, exhaust, screen, handlebars and to my surprise also found a power commander under the pillion seat :)
  6. Hi and welcome 4flyen lots of info on this site.