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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Geehi, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. Thought it was about time I said hello, I have been watching for a while. I have returned to riding after a very long break. Just brought a xvs 1100 custom which seem to go quite well. I live in Victoria in the Macedon Ranges so have lots of great cruising roads at my back door. So far have just done some quiet riding by myself but will look to join a few trips.

    Have really enjoyed my return to riding and enjoyed reading through this great site. Hope to chat with and meet with a few fellow riders....

  2. Welcome :)

    How long were you away and what did you last ride?
  3. Thanks for the welcome, have been away from road bikes/riding for 20 years. Had a few mishaps with some cars which sent me into early retirement...
    I then just road off road until now. I have owned a few bikes amongst them a z1r, katana, xs650 special, tt350, rm250, wr450 and a few older X-r's.

  4. welcome to NR Geehi, nice bike, if you wanna pop down to sat morn prac sessions to meet some of the people come on down. Normally for learners but alot of experinced guys come down as well for the chit chat side of things as well.
  5. Welcome to NR and back to riding. (y)
  6. Thanks for the invite, I am meeting with a few in the morning. If you can let me know where you meet I will head down there next week...

  7. Hi Geehi and welcome to Netrider. Have you ever been to Geehi? I'm going through there next month.

    Ride safe, hope to see you for a ride some time.

  8. Caught quite a few trout from around and in the beehive. A really beautiful part of the world......:-s
  9. Hi Geehi and welcome to NR