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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Captain Insano, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. Hello to my friends from a wonderful new world!! I'm Sujay currently living in West Footscray, Victoria. I'm originally from the beautiful mountainous country of Nepal and have more than 10 years of riding experience there. I migrated permanently to Australia a few yrs ago and i recently bought myself a Honda VTR 250 so i could continue my passion here in Oz.

    Having the restrictions on my bike licence was strange but a good excuse i guess to hide behind for buying a 250 as the riding conditions here and in Nepal are totally different. Both had their own set of unique challenges and i'm very excited to give the ones here a shot!!

    Since i miss riding my beautiful mountains i was wondering if someone out there was will to take this lonely guy around the roads here and show me a thing or two as i barely know anything here. (spend all the time working hard till now)

    Also lastly thanks to this forum, over the last month, this forum and its posts have been nothing less than a lifesaver to me with advice on everything that has to do with motorbike riding. This has also been integral in my choosing my VTR.

    Well hope to enjoy a life time of riding in my new home and make many friends!!
  2. Check out the learner rides threads, there is usually one on a Sunday that you could go on.
  3. welcome to NR Sujay. rides are on all the time, check the ride forums.
  4. Welcome Sujay, Enjoy the ride
  5. Welcome to NR. As stated, there are rides on every weekend (and some during the week too). Check them out.
  6. Hi and welcome to NR