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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Suzyy, Sep 19, 2011.

  1. Hi All,

    Just realised I haven't introduced myself on the forum.

    I'm Suzy and I ride a little red Honda VTR - 07 model.

    I joined a few months back when I was still considering doing my Ls.

    I've had my bike for just over a month now and I'm loving it. Learning heaps as I go along.

    I'm hoping to get my Ps by the end of this this year so I'd get my full license by next summer! :])

  2. You seem famillar.

    he he

  3. welcome suzy with the two ys :LOL:
  4. Hello Suzyy. Welcome to the fun house.
  5. welcome to NR Suzy
  6. *says in frustrated primary school kids voice* - Welcomeeeee Missss Suzyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    god i miss school...it was a easy life.
  7. What he said!
    Oh, and enjoy.
  8. yes, seem very familiar ;)

    Welcome :D
  9. Hi Suzyy, nice to see another lady rider on board.
  10. Thanks for the welcome! :])
  11. Welcome to NR Suzyym where are you located? State wise I mean
  12. Located in NSW goddie :]
  13. Have you been down to the prac sessions as yet? If not, jump on the thread and get down and intro yourself, I believe GOZ is one of the main people down there, alot of knowledge gets shared by alot of people. I believe it is almost as good as ours down here in sunny melb :)