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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Dn01, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Well hello guys and gals, I ride a Honda Dn-01 hence my forum name, I am returning to riding after over 30 years of not being on a motor bike. So I did my L's and my P's and here I am just about out of the P's probation.

  2. Hello, I own a DN01 as well, fantastic bike, welcome to NR. Pete.
  3. Welcome to NR :)
  4. Welcome to Netrider

    a bit controversial the old DN-01, you should post a review.....
  5. welcome to NR, where are you from?
  6. Thanks for your welcomes.

    The DN was not my first choice after I got my L's I went out and tried on a number of cruisers for size...I didn't want a small bike I wanted something that felt substantial under me, I am only 167cm tall so a cruiser was my first preference as I can get both feet flat on the ground which I now realize has a lot to do with confidence and probably wouldn't be a major concern now that I have had some experience riding.

    Anyway, I put a deposit down on a a VT750 however that night I was looking on the dealers website and discovered this weird looking bike, the DN-01, it was like nothing I'd seen before and I liked the look and the fact that it was different so the next day I went in and took one for a ride the result of which was I cancelled the purchase of the VT750 transferring the deposit to the DN and it's eventual purchase on the road at $10990 a heavy reduction from the original price, which I think $10990 was about the right price for the bike at $18990 I wouldn't have purchased it.

    I rode the bike home with my L's displayed on the back of the thing, the bike is learner legal here in ACT.

    I've had the bike now 2 years I ride it every chance I get and I love it for it's ease of use in fact I did my Ps test on it in spite of it having a long wheel base, and it is a heavy bike around 270kg but the weight is low making it very stable at low speeds however getting the U turn down took quite some practice until I learned just how to throw this bike over making use of the wide handle bars at the same time, now I can U turn this in the smaller U turn box...not every time but often enough to confirm how maneuverable the DN is.

    I find the acceleration to be just fine of course it's not a fast bike however mine is faster than others because it is red, but damn it is smooth and 120 plus comes up quick enough for me for now, and it will sit at that speed plus all day long, I've done long trips on it to prove the point, to myself at least.

    The down side on the long trip was the instrument screen cover, I call it that because that's all the protection it offered which was however easily rectified by installing an after market Givi screen, I hate the look of it but put I up with it for practical reasons only, and it makes the long haul higher speed trips enjoyable. The seating position is good for me as I am well...short, even after a 4 hour haul stopping only for fuel I got off the bike without feeling bum numb or sore.

    Storage is lacking, there's none, but frankly I didn't give a damn about that when I was looking for a bike to ride there are very few bikes I've seen with anything like the storage of a scooter so I just don't it get when I see criticism being level at the DN for not having storage space, besides I have a back pack that sits on the very ample pillion seat when I need to carry stuff, and also doubles as a back rest. I bought the bike to ride and enjoy not to haul stuff around, I have a very adequate car for doing that sort of thing.

    The bike is reliable and starts first time every time and I get it serviced every 6k, I love that it is shaft drive, no messy chains to deal with! Also it has ABS with linked brakes and consequentially stops on a dime.

    It is actually a pleasure to ride it draws people to it even the die-hard " I would never ride an automatic" crew, and "what the fark is that?' and "shit that looks comfortable" and "I see it has ABS!" All comments which lead inevitably to me being tied up chatting about it and people wanting to sit on it and so on, there's no such thing as a quick trip to the shop when this sort of thing happens.

    I am a happy DN rider.

  7. ^top post James - I did consider the DN01 (and the Mana) as my daily ride a while ago but value just wasn't there for me. Good to see you're enjoying it though.
  8. Welcome to NR James.

    I've been trying to convince my wife to ditch her scoot and get a DN01 but there are so few available around the place. Doesnt help that she will only consider a red one :LOL:

  9. Thanks for your welcome the DN it seems is still being asked for at the dealers when mine is in for service the sales guy will often mention people are coming asking after them. The red does look good, I hope you do get your wife to try one out, but if she's keen on storage she will be disappointed in the DN.