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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Angel2, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. Just a hi I am new to Netriders and I ride a Ducati Monster :angel:

  2. Welcome, where are you located?
  3. Nice, which version of the Monster you got?

  4. South East Melbourne
  5. Welcome to NR. A lot of riders here are from SE Mel.

    Nice bike there! I like the new LAMS version as well - Ducati M659, Pretty awesome to look at. Esp Black! :D

  6. welcome
  7. Oh look a chick!!!

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  8. Hi. Welcome to NR :)
  9. Hi and welcome to netrider
  10. Welcome to NR
  11. Has anyone gotten a date yet?
  12. Is Brownyy back yet?
  13. Not yet. He'll be offline for another month so now's your best chance.
  14. Good one Chef.

    Hi Angel2. Welcome to the nut house.
  15. Hi Angel2,
    I ride a Suzuki GSX 750F, I do love my bike! I see you like the big fast bikes too! YES, we could be friends...lol
  16. Hi Angel2 and welcome to NR
  17. Hello Angel - welcome along.

    A LAMS approved Monster? Wow. I saw one of those a couple of days ago, in matt black like the pic. I thought it was probably a million mph special, had no idea it was a LAMS bike. Looked awesome.
  18. welcome aboard!