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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by crysix, Jul 31, 2010.

  1. I dint know new members had to say hello !!

    haha anywaz, just got my Ls three weeks ago, bought a second hand 2008 Hyosung GT250R, probably the best thing i ever had.

    Unfortunately, had an accident two days ago on the rain, ah lucky to be alive though, haha just a cut on my knee (Y)
  2. welcome in mate :)
  3. G'day mate

    Read about your accident. Glad it's not too bad (bike bits can be fixed/replaced).

    When you get sorted see if you can make it to Homebush for the Learner Practise sessions. They are good fun, very practical and you get to meet a few NetRiders.

    See this thread for more info --> https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=97506 - Especialy late in the week so you can see what is beng planned for the weekend.

    Fun Ha! (y)
  4. Hi & welcome!!! :D

    Congrats on the L's.
    Hope you heal up quick and are back on that bike again v. soon.

  5. G'day crysix :) Welcome to Netrider and congrats on your recent L's (y)
  6. Welcome...are they still selling Hyo's with Shinko tyres?...if so get rid of them, I stuck Dunlop Gt501's on the lil GTtwo-fiddy I had..best thing for handling ever.
  7. yea, i think they do, because my tires are horrible, thats probably what caused my accident. Hahah yuup i have to go for the new tires !
  8. if you want to save a few dollars remove the wheels your self and take them to where your getting your tyres..i have heard that some places charge up to $35.00 dollars for remove and refit wheels,,,,if you dont know how to do this ,,,,its time to learn, theres more to owning a motor bike than you may have thort...if you need help just ask ,, thats what being on a forum is all about ....and some day you will be helping other new bike riders....
  9. crysix.i must say that falling off your motor bike is not funny......... Hahah yuup .. you are lucky you only cut your self,,, rideing a motor bike is the most fun you can have with your pants on ,,,,, and also the most dangeres,,,.
  10. +1

    Welcome to Netrider as well as to riding.
  11. It is not funny, the only thing i find quite funny is that my left fork is bent even when i did not hit anything. But it is true that I only cut myself, couldnt been even worse, if i dint react quickly. However, I do find motorbike riding one of the funnest activities, much better than cars, if you dont consider for all the posisble dangers !
  12. can you take some photos so we can see the damage,,,
  13. welcome dude-meister!
  14. Welcome to Netrider, browse around and check out the shelves...
  15. hay chanp theres one on ebay NOW 2 DAYS TO GO worth a try
  16. Hey crysiz, welcome to NR and to riding. Hope the knee is doing OK. cheers
  17. Hey welcome, take care.
  18. Welcome mate
  19. Welcome...
    Sorry to hear about your accident. That is why i don't think of riding when it is raining.