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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Bazza, Jun 13, 2010.

  1. Hi there, I have posted several hello's but none of them have appeared so this will be about number 4.

    39yo moved to Thailand for the weather.;) Used to ride but not anymore. Enjoy watching the MotoGP these days or any motorsport for that matter. Big fan of Sheeney, ok he wasn't the best rider ever but he was the best ever if you know what I mean.\\:D/
  2. welcome to the nutfactory!
    thailand eh? heard some horror stories regarding women over there :eek:hno:
    but at the same time it's on the list of places to see when i'm able to travel

    i do hope the lack of riding is more centered around money/time issues rather than broken bits of bazza
  3. Welcome mate
  4. Welcome Bazza :D
  5. welcome matey
  6. Hey there, Bazza !
    Great place, that Thailand - where exactly mate ?
    Welcome to Netrider (y)
  7. Welcome to Netrider.

    We loved 'our' Barry Sheene too, TV commentary hasn't been the same since he left us :(.
  8. I am in Phuket (pronounced "poo-ket"). Thanks for the warm welcome everybody.:beer:
  9. please dont swear :)
  10. or you'll be banned like Goz
  11. Sawatdee krup!!

    I love Phuket!! You lucky bugger!!
    What you doing with yourself over there?
  12. whole different experience riding on thai roads!! welcome aboard buddy. enjoy the ride.
  13. Playing golf and watching MotoGP and F1 on TV.
  14. Welcome to Netrider - enjoy!!!

  15. Hi Bazza
    Sawasdee Krup
    Why not try riding around in Thai traffic,, it's great fun if you can over come the fear factor
    Spent a lot of time in Thailand
    Know a couple of blokes in Phuket one is kind of hooked up with the lady that owns Moon Bar

  16. Aaaaaah yes...Moon Bar...been to Phuket a few times to recognise that name ;)
  17. Moon bar? Guessing that is in Patong? I live up Laguna way so try to stay away from Patong as much as possible. As for riding in Thai traffic wouldn't it be quicker just to jump of a bridge? Same result.
  18. pooket island (west coast) or pooket city (east coast)??
    Didn't like it. Went to Koh Lanta (south that is) Loved it. Enjoy and welcome to the rifraf.