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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by [JD], May 17, 2010.

  1. Hi there,

    Completely new never-even-sat-on-a-bike-before here to learn and absorb as much as I can before I start learning how to ride. Just turned 30 but better late than never I guess!

    Been reading the forum, some great info on here, and thought it would only be polite to sign up and say hi!
  2. Lotsa good info here. Dont just look at recent threads .. there are some great ones from the past too.

    Welcome in !
  3. Welcome :)

    Better late than never. Hope you post often and are happy to be here :D

  4. welcome in mate
  5. Thanks for the welcomes :)

    Currently seeing how many of my questions can be answered via the search tool and wondering when I should confess that once I get my license I will probably want a cruiser of some sort :)
  6. G'day mate

    Have fun and stay safe :)

    Fun Ha!
  7. Howdy!
    Any thoughts on what type of bike you would like?
  8. Probably a cruiser of some flavour, reading all I can at the moment on the LAMS options in that style...
  9. Hi JD and welcome. A friend of mine is selling a 250 Virago and as I was thinking of buying it I've done some research. Turns out they are a very popular cruiser for learning on. You might like to look into that. There seem to be plenty for sale around the $3K mark.

  10. Hi JD. I have only been on a bike for about 3 weeks now and loving it. You wont look back. I am 33, cant believe it took me this long to discover it. The forum has heaps of good reading on it for noobs like me, make sure you check out the section for new riders. Pays to go back a bit too. I am still discovering great new bits of info each day I come here.
  11. Thanks John, yes the Yamaha 250 had come up in my research. Be interested to hear from beginners riding this style of machine.

    Did you have any experience before? I have noticed a few people around our age getting into it but seems everyone else had access to a farm/land and a dirt bike as a kid!
  12. try stick to a 650 cruiser thats lams, u will kick yourself for buying a 250
  13. Would you mind giving a bit of explanation as to why? Sorry if that is a stupid question!
  14. Hey mate

    I'm well over 40 and have never ridden before. Just ticked off 2 months since my L's and am really loving it.

    I went for a larger LAMS bike (GS500F) rather than a 250 simply because I felt more comfortable on it size wise and I felt it would last me well past the end of my restrictions. So my massive two months of experience tells me that you should sit on the bikes you are interested in and take them for a ride before buying. (y)

    Fun Ha!
  15. I had wondered if weight was a factor as I tip the scales just over 100kgs (how ever much I refrain from cake consumption) and am about 6"1' . My size is pretty much the reason I haven't bought the gear to try out WifeFace's scooter - not sure the 50cc could drag me around!

    Out of curiosity how would one go about test drives? Assuming Q-Ride all goes well I will need to get myself a bike but will have only less than two days riding experience? At that level are you just assessing the thing for comfort? I've read about people having their very first bike delivered and then doing practices sessions until ready to hit the road proper.

  16. you will get sick of the power a 250 has very quickly, think of freeway riding, overtaking etc etc, you need that extra power, and now that u have mentioned your weight and height, a 250 will look like a pee wee between your legs
  17. welcome along JD. I agree with goz, if your going a cruiser look at a 650. The xvs is lams approved, a few people on here own them and they love them. if you go with a 250 cruiser you will probably be wanting more power after the first 5 minutes.
  18. Thanks for the clarification chaps.
  19. your a tattoo and pearcing freak eh?
  20. I prefer 'enthusiast' :) but yeah kinda :)

    Most of my photography is of 'alternative' looking folks and I have stretched lobes and some tattoo's myself :)