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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Woozie, Feb 24, 2010.

  1. Hello from the Central Coast!

    Only recently got into bikes after finally just going for the damn test instead of moping around and ogling bikes when I came across them. Family has had bad luck with friends and other family in accidents so always been a bit of a "look but dont touch" feeling for me.

    All I can say is damn glad I took it up, feels absolutely amazing once you get your confidence up. Anyway a pic of my bike!


    If anyone around the Coast sees a red Virago knock off doing something stupid please let me know, I am young in the ways of the motorcyclist 8-[

  2. Welcome Woozie. Glad you confidence is growing. Have fun growing with the force and the ways of motorcycling.
  3. welcome chris, good to see u hear :)
  4. Welcome Chris!

    As somehere who is still new to bikes and still very much learning you will find alot of great people here and alot of helpful info as well. Keep the rubber side down and enjoy!!
  5. Welcome Chris, enjoy all that riding has to offer and stay safe.
  6. Willkommen Chris.

    Sydney's Central Coast is it?

    Spent some years in Budgewoi. Nice beaches.

    Enjoy your ride mate.

  7. Welcome to Netrider and motorcycles Chris.
    As I'm sure you're finding out the central coast is a spectacular place in which to ride a bike, I know I was relishing every minute I had. How I envy you right now lol
  8. Thanks all. Had a nice drive up through the Entrance road just to bring my experience in different traffic conditions and seed zones up a little bit before I commute through to Terrigal.

    Gotta say, if I didnt have to work I wouldnt have turned round to come home /chuckles. Little disappointed I got no nods from other riders, though the posties all gae me the nod, Hope I didnt look silly doing my novelty figure nod (always imagine a biker nodding with the words "HAHA, HAHA" rocketing around my head).

    I am kind of regretting going for a 250cc to test the waters though (firstly if I enjoyed riding and secondly reduce the worry of damaging it) really, I could hardly use the fullpower of a bigger bike while on my L's. Though, I did head to a nice quiet, straight stretch of backroad barely anyone uses just to try a faster speed and practice stopping etc. The little Keeway gains a beautiful throb at 80k's but around 90k's it starts to feel a little out of breath. I'm sure it can go faster but it starts to really vibrate (whether all bikes do or just small ones at such speeds I dont know).

    I kicked it up that high just to get the curosity out of my system, nothing worse than riding around responsibling wondering about higher speeds. So found that quiet road and just gave it a quick kick to "have a look" and get it out of my system.

    the TLDR version; one of the best things I started doing in my life!