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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by rockymarvin, Oct 4, 2009.

  1. im from tassie and im new to this site so thought i better say g'day, already made one post but now i cant find it, oh well, see ya's around the forum.

  2. rocky, a thread featuring three of the posters to the forum you linked, has already been removed from public view on this site. I won't know if your intentions are honest or not, but your timing is lousy.
  3. hello hornet, it may be bad timing, but in circumstances like this, i dont believe there will ever be a good time to address the despicable actions of firetiger.

    if you read my link you will have seen that my intention was to expose firetiger as a fake, trying to take credit for another mans heartfelt response to a tragic circumstance was in a word "pissweak", i have been in contact with the real author of that tribute to davo jones, and he was appalled at firetigers actions.

    although the response on this site to firetigers post didnt generate any replies until i posted there, firetigers very same post on another site did generate replies that patted him on the back and gave him credit for a well written tribute that had in fact been stolen.

    firetiger has no doubt seen my posts about him and has since tried to make himself look innocent on the sanddancer site by admitting that he used someone elses tribute, one sentence by blue/firetiger was -and i quote-

    but the fact is, blue/firetiger used ALL of the original composers tribute, the only extra words used by firetiger served to make it look like that firetiger was the original composer, i have seen this guy on different forums over the years, and he has always been a sleazy underhanded scumbag, strong words, but its the truth.

    now you can make your own judgement on wether i am honest or not, but how ever you see me doesn't change the fact that firetiger stole another mans tribute to a man who was killed in a tragic accident, and that just doesn't sit right with me.