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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by skenasis, May 10, 2009.

  1. Hello, all! Name's Ashleigh, I'm a 20 year old uni student from Melbourne. I got my motorbike learners 3 weeks and about to be a day (when it's past midnight, that is :p) ago.

    My mum got her learners at the same time as me, so the first bike will be a joint venture. Fortunately, there's little more than an inch of height between us (I'm a bit taller than her at a whole 5'2") and less than 5kg (we're both sub-60). We also have very similar tastes in quite a lot of things, so it's pretty much guaranteed that what one likes, the other will too. We agreed on a 2000 Yamaha Virago as our first bike, and if all goes well will be getting it this Tuesday night. Burgundy, as it were.

    Anyway! Yet another lady rider ready to take on the world astride glorious two-wheeled freedom. Hope to see some of you out on the road!

  2. Gday Ashleigh, welcome to the boards matey, mother/daughter duo, now thats a rare 1, ride safe and just enjoy it
  3. Welcome Mother & Daughter to the wonderful world of two-wheels !!
  4. Welcome to NR Ashleigh and Mum.
    My wife had a burgundy virago when we first met, fun bike and easy to ride with a good seat height, (I am only 5'3").
    Lets sit back now and wait for to two of you to start fighting over who gets to ride it when :popcorn:
  5. BAHAHHAHAHAHAH, Get speeding tickets, Blame mum!!!!!!!! Awesome!!!
  6. Hi Ashleigh,

    Welcome to NR , good to see some young ones joining the ranks.

    Ride Safe
  7. Hi Ashleigh. Hi Ashleigh's Mum. Welcome to NR.

    Good luck getting the Virago. Plenty of people here had them as a first bike and have very fond memories of them.