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Hello world!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by newblood, Jun 30, 2014.

  1. Hey all! Greetings from Sydney's west. Longtime lurker.

    I'm not a rider yet, but I plan to be very very soon. Thought I'd drop by and ask this wonderful community some advice on starting out before I jump into the deep end. Hopefully when I'm a bit older and more experienced I can give something back. =D

  2. Hi Newblood, Welcome. Any thoughts on what kind of bike you are looking for yet?
  3. Hey cjvfr, thanks for the welcome!
    I'm tossing up between 2 very different beasts, the CBR250R and the CB400. I don't want to rush into a decision just yet though ;)
  4. Just jump in,I bet your a shocking procrastinator.
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  5. Oh dear, is it really that obvious? :eek:
  6. Both capable bikes, perhaps get along to the Saturday practice at Homebush and you may see examples of both you can site on at least and see how they suit you.
  7. If one bike makes your bum look fat, choose the other. :wacky: And leather is the best protection. It also increases hotness. (y)

    Welcome to Nutrider!
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  8. Hi and welcome, newblood.

    My advice, worth exactly what you paid for it, is to leave bike selection until after your pre-learners course.

    After a couple of half days on whatever bike they give you, you'll have more appreciation of the significance of weight and height and comfort.
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  9. The old fella is slipping a bit lately. It may be time to put him out to pasture. ;)
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  10. "Old" being the operative word... Unless you were putting in a cheeky reference to the thing he thinks with... ;)
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  11. Crazy Cam is on the money, do the course then ride a few. Theres a big difference between the 250 and the 400, riding position, weight and power characteristics to name a few.
    Welcome to the world of nearly two wheels, the course will tell you pretty quickly whether you like it or not.
  12. Once you're a motorcyclist, your hotness will instantly increase. If you wear leathers (instead of textile), your hotness will increase more!

    Especially when she puts on those leathers! (y)
  13. Welcome to the jungle...


    All the best for your bike decisions..
  14. Anyone who chooses Shawn the Sheep for an avatar is OK with me!

    Welcome to Netrider: listen to all the advice and weigh it up. We all ride, some of us have for decades, and many hundreds of Learners have got a good start through the collected wisdom that's available here.