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Hello to you all

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by maybefred, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. I have been checking out this site now for the last 3 hours and I really like it.
    Hi, I am new and I am still trying to work out how to use things here.
    I have two bikes, a cbr900rr which I just bought and am still trying to work out if I like and a 1981 gs1000 which I don't want to get rid of because we have been close for a long time and she has cost me dearly. I believe this is the sign of a lasting relationship.

    So Hi again and I hope I can help you all as much as you may help me.

  2. Hi fred and welcome
  3. Hi there - The GSs and GSXs are strangely addictive, for sure :) Something about powerful (for the time) engines without a frame to cope with it properly...
  4. welcome aboard fred :)
  5. Hello and welcome :)
  6. welcome, i am eyeing your gs. i have some kind of thing for them......cant help it.
    if only you were nearer to NSW.
  7. Welcome fred - hope you enjoy
  8. Fred, if you signed on after only 3 hours lurking, that can't be bad; Welcome to Netrider.

    Somewhere luring in the archives is a thread about the bikes you wish you had never sold. There's some painful stories there, so maybe read it first before you sell the old bike...
  9. Welcome fred, enjoy the friendly banter that is friendly unless you mention harleys or scooters :grin: :grin:
  10. or harley scooters
  11. welcome aboard fred... you'll have a great time with thus bunch of looneys !
  12. :LOL: MOI a looney ... oh I think not :p , speak for yourself Rok

    Welcome Fred
  13. Maybe welome, Fred.
  14. elo fed... welcome to teh forums...
  15. Hey Fred, welcome to the forums :)
  16. Hey there Fred, welcome to the forum mate. :)
  17. Too many welcomes... ohh well.. one more...

    Welcome dude.
  18. Welcome and enjoy the circus.. :LOL: :LOL:
  19. Welcome Fred and maybe you'll enjoy the forum more, maybe.