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Hello To New Members

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by raven, Nov 2, 2012.

  1. Hello to any new riders joining us.

  2. Yeah, nice try old man...
  3. Hahahaha :)
  4. It's been interesting seeing all the "old" members introducing themselves. They don't seem to be getting the are you hot question, guess that's because that has been determined already.

    Maybe we should just give them a hot rating.
  5. Raven's hotness is on the inside ;)
  6. You two Raven, Whats with the reintroductions,
  7. Busted!
  8. I didn't post that message today.

    Someone else did. And I think I know how it was done.
    Why, is obvious.

    Look at all the stupids trying to milk it. LOL
  9. So, now you're gonna say that someone hacked your account to post a welcome thread? (BTW it was on Friday - no chance you just forgot?)
    This is getting better and better...

  10. And who are you?
  11. #11 raven, Nov 5, 2012
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2012
    Friday?... Did'nt notice that. But that's even better, because I was in the middle of a meeting. Definitely, no phones tolerated.
    So I know I did'nt suddenly have the urge to wanna say hello to anyone just then.

    Eh! Hang on, you sure it said Friday, because now it says Thursday!??

    I do'nt care what I was doing on Thursday. I didn't post it then either.
  12. Another thread to "tidy up". Lots of housekeeping today.
  13. Here's what I see:

    Account hacking is a VERY serious allegation in my book - I certainly hope you've got @Mouth on the case?
  14. The IP address recorded on the OP matches the one you are using right now Raven.

    The migration to the site did not being across the correct time zone for many users. Over the weekend I modified this via the backend database for all accounts with the incorrect time zone. This probably accounts for the unusual day/time stamp on the OP
  15. You're fooling no-one, Raven.
  16. #16 raven, Nov 5, 2012
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2012
    ...attached an image showing the Thursday time stamp image. image.
  17. Thanks for looking into that Jason.

    Sorry, I'm a bit confused about this. With what you explain above, does that mean that an older post from me could pop back up with an incorrect date on it? I mean from ages back, or does it just explain why there could be a difference of Thursday or Friday?

    I could not have posted on the Friday. Just not possible.

    And I've not been to this section of the site until yesterday for at least 3-4 months.

    I did'nt even know it existed until I was searching for something else, and came across it by accident

    And while NK seems desperate to make me look like an idiot, I have no recall whatsoever of posting a message like that on the Thursday. My partner says that the words in the sentence don't sound like me. (Not worded the way I would typically write.

    If the only way it could get there is by me making the post on Thursday, then I did so but cannot recall it at all.

    Apart from the joy NK will be feeling, we've all got better things to do, than get caught up in this kind of thing. Why NK is so hung up on it in the first place, is beyond me.

    Could it have re-appeared from the past, or do I need to call Barley, and accept that I posted it somehow?

  18. Did you leave any of your clients (tablet, phone, PC etc) unattended and logged in by mistake and someone else took the opportunity to "facejack" you? It is common practice with Facebook - hence the term "Facejack".
  19. You sound a bit stressed have a nice cup of tea dear. My mothers philosophy on life :)
  20. Mmm...my partner uses my iPad 2 for herself now, and takes it everywhere with her.
    But would'nt the ISP number change?
    Anyway, nice to have a thoughtful reply.

    Having thought about it more, I did'nt send the stupid post. And I don't care whether anyone believes it or not. I know I didn't send it.