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Hello to me

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by cam229, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. Hello all,

    Just joined, am currently a sort of active member of TW forum as well, so please don't hold that against me :wink: .

    I live out in the south eastern burbs of Melourne, and don't own a bike (yet).

    I have been reading this forum over the last couple of days, mainly about the Yamaha SRV250.

    I saw one of these for sale recently and liked the look of it, but I missed that oe and am now on a search and buy mission.

    Hopefully, as there have been some of the members here that seem to have owned one of these beauties, I might be able to find one here.

  2. Hi Cam,
    Welcome to the forums. good luck on your quest :wink:
  3. Welcome to NR Cam. Enjoy the posts.
  4. Thanks guys, for the warm welcome.
  5. Welcome cam, good luck on the bike hunt.
  6. welcome to the forums cam...
  7. Welcome to the forums Cam, good luck with the bike hunting :grin:
  8. Hi Cam

    Welcome to NR and good luck with the bike hunting.
  9. Welcome to NR cam229

    Ever thought of getting a Kawasaki GPZ250, good bike, but I am biased cause I ride one lol :LOL:
  10. Had a GPX250 which I managed to resurect from the dead, but I blew the engine and the wreckers hearse took it away.

    I have seen a zzr250 on tradingpost which i'm looking at saturday, its not as good looking as the SRV, but it is a K-Machine
  11. Hi Cam. Welcome!
  12. Thanks for the replies guys.

    I have actually bought a Kawasaki EL250 Eliminator, currently parked in my garage.

    In my previous posts, I was looking at the SRV250, but the couple that I tested were very rough riding, which I think was due to the air cooled V-Twin.

    After many tests on a large range of bikes, ZZR250 (OK but my knees hurt after about 15minutes), Honda CA250 (seat too close to footpegs), Suzuki Bandit250 (farking fast for a 250), XV250 (Yuk), I found the EL to be the most comfortable for me to ride.

    Going on a ride with the TW guys on Easter MOnday, then off with the local Ulysses club the following Sunday.

    Will need to catch up with some of you guys for a ride soon though.

  13. A belated welcome, Cam :grin:

    Nice bike, but what's wrong with the XV250.... hmmm :? :p

    Have fun out there.
  14. Like the SRV, I found the engine to be very rough. I also found the narrow bars felt like the bike wanted to understeer all the time - just my personal fellings.

  15. Fair enough :grin:

    Glad you found a bike that 'fits', means you'll enjoy the experience all the more.

  16. Ello. What is the TW forum Cam?
  17. Not bad at all!

    Welcome. :wink: