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Hello to all

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by karl, Dec 12, 2006.

  1. Hi,
    Doing pre learners course NSW (very soon now) and purchased second hand bike. Maybe a bit pre-emptive but I have ridden before in the distant past and I have been looking around for a while. Time to just jump in and do it. Seize the day.
    Bike is 2005 ZZR250 with 8000 k's so pretty new. Already had fairing repair from last noob but the job is not to bad. Yes I know that I will probably drop it too. I hope I am mature enough (33 now) not to be too reckless, and try to avoid all the reckless car drivers and other parts of the scenery jumping out to get me.
    I have enjoyed doing some research through your site. Thanks a heap to all contributors.
    All the best. :)

  2. Welcome Karl.

    At 33 you will have developed the street smarts from driving that are going to make riding a lot easier.

    {And you'll probably realise that you've chopped bikes off without even knowing it :LOL:!}
  3. Thanks Paul,
    I hope that being a cyclist also has given me the appreciation. God I hope this bike stops a bit better than my road bicycle. I do recall getting a scare by merging onto a bike on the gore hill freeway a few years back. but he was cruising along in my blind spot. Best to pass through the blind spot quickly if possible right?
  4. Welcome Karl - Good bike, hope you enjoy.
  5. Hi Karl and welcome.

    Remember to join in on the rides or dinner nights ,everyones welcome.
  6. Hi Karl and welcome :grin: . I'm a noob to but i'm younger than you (16).
  7. Hey Karl. Lenny is already here. :p (it's true though)

    You're right, you probably will drop it. Most likely will not be your fault though. I was careful when I was first learning, but it doesn't stop cars from trying to run you down. :mad:

    Welcome to netrider.
  8. Hey karl, welcome aboard. I started riding at 32, similar to you. Best thing I've ever done. That's a nice bike you have. Good luck with your course, ride safe and ENJOY!! :grin: :grin: :grin:
  9. Hey Karl hows it going? My second tour of duty was at 33, my first at 19 and the difference in what I took in the second time was unbelievable, it was like I wasn't even listening the first time I did the course. At 33 wiser?....... Yes! Less Reckless?........ Maybe! Slower?.......... NO FREEKING WAY!!!

    Ride safe and keep it sticky side down. :)

  10. Hi Karl, welcome to NR :grin:
  11. Thanks for all the welcomes. I will be sure to attend one of the outings one I am on the road.
  12. Hi Karl. Welcome! Sounds like you're all organised and got yourself a good bike. Enjoy :biker: