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Hello to All

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by D@rK@nGeLDetH, Jul 20, 2005.

  1. Hi guys & girls my name Is Darren iI have a 2003 Firestorm and have
    been riding motocycles for 6 years.
    I'am look for people in the Melborne area to ride with on the weekends

  2. welcome to the mad house. i'd go riding but i dont have a bike as of yet \:D/
  3. Plenty of Firestormers on here... and i'm sure they'll (well all of us i guess) be glad to see another one in the ranks. ;)
  4. Welcoms...Whoohhooo another Honda rider!!!
  5. G'day, welcome to "looneys on line" hope you enjoy.

    I'll go for a ride with you if ya came down to tassie :D :D

  6. Not another bloody Firestorm.....

    Just Kidding, welcome to the forums, as Midnight said come to coffee some time, good place to meet people and organise rides
  7. Welcome, they are a nice bunch here
  8. Welcome to the forums, looking forward to meet another firestormer :roll: at coffee :p
  9. welcome to the nuthouse
    dohnt forget to see the link in the rides and events section for friday night coffee a few of the stormers come into that as well

    also there is http://ozfirestorm.proboards34.com/
    OZ firestorm owned by andy , lots of bling and advise too

    not manty rides after the last one i orginised on the firestorm site (bit of a carnage ride) lost 2 in one trip :oops: :wink: :)
    but they will get back up

    anyway welcome , pm me here or oz firestorm if you need any info

    come in friday to coffee and meet the crew
  10. welcome to our stress relief, what area you from mate.
  11. Welcome to the world of rides and more rides....plenty of them here, just place a thread and you will get a few starters each time.

    Catch you at a coffee night soon....