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Hello to all..

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by MudRatGR, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. G'day from Greece. My best wishes to all for safe and Adventures Km for the new year....

  2. Hello! What part of Greece are you living in? I have been to Greece a few times, and am heading back in June I can't wait! :) Welcome to NetRider
  3. Ness thanks for the welcome, Im living between Athens - Crete - Lefkada... I'm all over the places also born raised in Sydney...
  4. ooooh Lefkada, that's the one with the bridge over to it? Just nth of Zakinthos? Lucky you! If I won lotto I would retire to Naxos or Paros :)
  5. Correct ! That is where Lefkada is.... Greece does have heaps of beautiful islands including the two u mentioned..
  6. Welcome to NR !
  7. Thanks !
  8. Hi MudRatGR, and welcome.

    The trouble with Lefkada is that it seems to be full of poms and Italians.
  9. welcome to NR
  10. Thanks Gents!
    Well actually it use to be full of Italians and Poms or Rosey Reds as I call them because they usually over do their tanning on the first days of their holiday... Can't say that that was a problem but anyway...
    Now days its full of Russians, Romanians, Sweeds..
  11. Ahhhh. Just remembering my birthday a few years ago. Spent it eating grilled octupus and drinking Mythos and ouzo ( not together!) on a lovely little Greek island. Aegina. Lovely place
  12. Yeah..... should of tried also drinking some Raki or Tsipouro with that octo to.. :)