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Hello to all,

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by TTommi, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I,m a recent convert to road bikes, been riding off road for many years purchased an italian road bike 18 months ago. Living in the Yarra Valley in Melbourne gives me the opportunity for some great riding.

  2. Welcome to Netrider! :)
  3. Hello TTommi, Welcome to NR. I am in Greensborough so the Yarra Valley is a favorite haunt of mine too :)
  4. Hello TTommi - nice to have you along at NR. There are plenty of Melbunites on here already, so you're in good company.

    ... [joke] ...bought an Italian road bike, but didn't say what it was. Interesting.
  5. Welcome.......

    An Italian road bike eh? Which one? :D
  6. G'day TTommi,
    How are ya buddy? I reckon I can guess what sort of Italian bike you've got.
    Hope the weather comes good for the trip down to the island tomorrow mate.
    P.S. You do realise your Husky is technically an Italian bike too since it was made by cagiva.:D
  7. I tend to think of the Aprilia I had as a cherman bike, because the engine was made by chermans and it ran like a Swiss watch. But it sure had Italian looks and style.
  8. welcome to NR Ttommi..
  9. welcome to NR Ttommi enjoy the ride
  10. TTommi and I met on the AF1 forum and have been out on quite a few rides. Our aprilia's are actually powered by the new generation aprilia made engines and not the Rotax motors to which I think you might be referring to.
  11. Yeah. Hey - I liked that Rotax motor. It did everything it was supposed to do.
  12. From all reports they were pretty much bullet proof. Hopefully these new aprilia V-twins are just as reliable.
  13. Thanks for the welcome guys,
    The road bike I have is an APE Dorsoduro 750, I also have a Husky TE450which I have owned since '06, after a shoulder injury I had a set of Motard wheels fitted while I was recovering, hence got bitten by the road riding bug.
    Look to catching up for a ride.
  14. Welcome Ttommi to NR. I am still a newbie myself...:)
  15. Welcome to NR :)
  16. Hi and welcome to NR