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Hello to all the riders

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by speedy300zx, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. Hi there guys,

    I am Harry from Beverlyhills, NSW,, just bought an Aprilia RS 125, Lorenzo replica(Red & Yellow) I am on learners at the moment. I have been a member of NETRIDER for nearly 2 mths, neva had a chance to officially introduce myself. well so here Im.. HELLO GUYS..:beer::beer::beer: Say HELLO if u see me on da road...

    To everyone-- HAPPY RIDING..
  2. Hi there Harry :)

    Welcome to NR!
  3. hey Alan,
    I believe with ya AGV profile pic, U either drive an European Bike or gear??/...
    So what U ride??
  4. welcome harry, i'm holly :)
  5. Welcome to NR Harry. Check out the Learners MOST practice in Homebush run by Chris "Ozyoda" & others.
  6. Hey Holly,
    thks for welcuming me in da group. Will stay in touch.
  7. Thks Ricky,
    what do you ride??
  8. Yamaha Virago 250
  9. Welcome my fellow Aprilia rider...............Beverly Hills ey, theyve got the best burger ive eaten, used to buy Trucker Burger everyday at the Beverly Hills shop.
  10. Welcome Harry. I did have a 'prilla - the one in my avatar pic, but these days I've gone back to the land of the rising sun and radiation for a ZX14. Nice to have you along.
  11. Welcome mate...=D>...Looking forward to see you on the road.

    Love your bike...Ride safe..

    Cheers Cam..
  12. Welcome to NR.
  13. Hello Kneedragon,
    how are you, would you know any good mechanics for my Aprilia around stgeorge area? I think it needs good service.. cheers
  14. Hello minglis,
    Thks a lot..
  15. Hey Mate,

    Welcome to NR.

    Hope to see your RS125 around :D