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Hello to all Netriders /nod

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Charlzee, Dec 30, 2006.

  1. Just wanted to say hello. I ride a CBR250R and just love it. Just love that screaming engine. Ive had my L's for about 4 months now. I only found out that to get of your restriction you have to be on your full liscense for 12 months. I thought it was on a bike for 12 months no matter it be P's or L's.......silly me. I better go book my P's now. :eek:

    Im very new to riding, I had booked my L's spur of the moment kind of thing and had no experience with motorbikes whatsoever. Booking those L's and passing would have been one the greatest things I have done in my life.

    Its funny how i found these forums. I was riding back form work at 4am in the morning on Pascoe Vale rd and then suddenly i felt the bike just slow down and not accelerate. The next thing i know the bike just conked out as i tried to down gear, so i pull over to the side of the road and find out i had done about 190km's = no more petrol.....silly me again

    Another rider passes by and what do you know he stops to see if im okay. I was stunned he actually stopped for me. He tells me that it takes a bit of time for the reserve to kick in as i tried it before but still wouldnt start. So we chat for a bit and he tells me about NR's. so thats how i found these forums. Thanks Whitelighter.

    Is there any riders around NorthWest melbourne suburbs wanting to teach a noobie?

    So yeah....that was kinda long for a hello neways

    Hello all Netriders /nod
  2. geez 4am in the morning... dunno if I'll be stopping for a chat at that crazy hour >> Well done Whitelighter!!

    and welcome Charlzee... I'm not in north west but happy to go for ride sometime.
  3. Yes, riders by and large are willing to help, especially here - nod right back at ya!
  4. Welcome Charlzee :grin:
  5. welcome...enjoy the ride.....and the people on this forum are really great. they'll help out enormously. :grin:
  6. Welcome to the forums Charlzee :)
  7. Charlzee, Welcome
  8. Hiya charlzee, welcome and enjoy
  9. Hi Charlzee, welcome to the forums.

    I live in the northern burbs. There's quite a lot of netriders that do.

    I'm not much passed being a newbie myself so I'm not really all that ideal to be offering to much advice. But if you ever r looking just to go for a ride out north i'm often free.

    Keep an eye out on the organised rides for the beginner/mixed types too.
  10. Hi Charlzee,

    Welcome! I haven't been out on the roads much longer than you.

    You only get 190km for a tank of fuel, or hadn't you filled it? I get an absolutel minimum of 240km. Maybe that's a difference between the R and the RR, I don't know. Maybe you need to get it checked. I think fuel consumption has been mentioned somewhere on the forum, if you do a search..

    Anyway, see you around. You should rock up to one of the coffee nights :)
  11. Welcome to you charlzee. Right across the railway lines from my old stomping ground you are. And I'm still not that far away from you now. We are always out and about on rides. If ya want to meet up sometime yell out.. :grin: There are quite a few of us from north suburbs.
  12. Hi Guys, thanks for all the welcomes.

    To Pinkxie:
    Yeah with my baby i get around 190km's full tank then i gotta fill up usually (I think I can get 210 perhaps on reserves), ill go read up on the fuel tanks.

    To DKEL/Blue12:
    Id love to go for a ride. Let me know when a good time is for you and ill try to work something out with my times.
  13. Sounds good to me. We will have to arrange a bit of get together with a few of us. :grin:
  14. Hi and welcome. :)

    I'm Northern suburbs but always up for a ride. :grin:
  15. I must be one of the "few of us" you are referring to :p

    welcome to the nuthouse Charlzee, I'm just up the road from you too.
    We will definately have to go for a ride someday, shoot me a PM and we'll organise something :)
  16. Right on the money Caz.. :grin: