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Hello to all from a newbie!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by upright, May 3, 2007.

  1. hi all have lurked for the last 2 weeks, lost webpage address now am a member :LOL: I am in Sydney available for rides most saturday and sunday morns at short notice!!
    BUT, I am thinking of selling the bike....someone please talk me out of it!

  2. welcome....

    Don't do it......

    (does that convince you? if not......Don't do it, don't do it, don't do it, don't do it, don't do it....etc)
  3. Welcome and DON'T!
    I know sometimes these things must happen, just be sure that it is what you need to do. All the best with the decision.
  4. not a "have to" decision which is good, just lot of my mates getting off the bike wagon and onto the baby wagon so running out of play buddies, I see her sitting there all lonely ( the bike that is)........ joining here might just hopefully fix it! :biker:
  5. Find some new mates!
    You have definitely made the right move by checking out the site and posting a comment.
  6. thanks red hot seems like you have certainly picked up some new mates in a short time!!!
  7. Necessary when one moves interstate and knows no one.

    You are only alone if you want to be....
  8. Hi and welcome. Cool nic too.
  9. thanks 2wheels...the RF900 still one of the most underrated bikes on the road... a nice ride!
  10. My ex had an RF600. I always thought that was a pretty nice bike. Nice to know that some rides don't change ;)
  11. i saw that but hey all things in moderation especially study!!
  12. ok redhot, the curfew is up now so go and watch earl then study for an hour before sneaking back to have a look then realising it is 2am :LOL:
  13. Ahhhh, I'm just starting to try and prepare a powerpoint presentation that I have to give tomorrow on Clovis Culture and the peopling of the Americas.

    I can very easily see my opening statement being:
    "I feel deeply for these poor people during their crossing of the Beringia land bridge as they had not yet invented the motorcycle, which would have made their crossing far more easy and enjoyable...."


    Ok brain, Concentrate now!! focus focus
  14. absolutely.....study? who needs it?

    (only 6 more years before i have to submit!!!!)
  15. I'm still here, aren't I?....

    Ciao, see you next time

  16. cya and good luck with that! :-s