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Hello there

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by JohnFizar2, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. Hello all been riding for just short of a year spent nye with a few NR people and had a great night and took there advise to join. I am still on restricted till end of march I ride a FZ6R

  2. Welcome to the electronic version of Netrider
  3. Welcome mate, nice bike :)
  4. Thanks Think I have ridden with a few from here Did part of the Black dog ride lat year was impressed with the way it was run
  5. Hi there! Welcome :D
  6. Thanks Arlennnn Hornet and Brook nice to be welcomed :)
  7. Welcome to the nuthouse John :p

    Bout time :applause:

  8. G'day!
  9. Hi. Is this John as in.... John?
  10. Velcum compadre.
  11. If you're thinking the same John I am ... Then yes it's John :whistle:
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  12. Hello 'the John' enjoy your stay! (y)
  13. Sounds like it might be John then!

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  14. Good to know where the John is.
    Hi i am Bad
  15. well hi there :) Im brand new to this forum , and to riding as well :)
  16. Hi John,

    Welcome to NR.

    Met you at Kitt's NYE do.

    Good crew here.

    (COMPLETELY OT, but I see Bad has been banned - so it really WAS Blabbs?)

    Enjoy - hope to see you on a ride. Keep an eye on the Vic announcements threads for upcoming rides.
  17. yes Aly as if you mean the one from NYE
  18. Thanks Greydog Went on the thursday night mystery ride With Gregb leading had a ball[DOUBLEPOST=1357370568][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Thanks Kitt Need to work out how to find my way around the site though