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hello the open road

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by BruiserMadden, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. hey greaseball noob here.
    always wanted to get a bike licence, having been riding ag bikes around since i couldnt reach the ground on them, so getting something thats not so gutless is gonna be great. im in vic, and turn 18 in march. looking for something sporty, yada yada yes i know, buy a POS, but im with the other camp in saying its just not what i want.
    i'm tall, 6'5, so most of the sporty 250's out there are gonna be a squeeze.

    need some advice on what bike to get though. i like the look of the CBR250RR's, and understand they fair go, and won't lose their value provided i don't wash the road with it, but im not sure if it's going to be big enough. hyosung 250 bigger maybe?

    before you say it, i haven't had time to go out and sit on any bikes yet, so just looking for any initial suggestions as to which ones i should go and check out, and am going to be able to get for a reasonable price second hand, and repairs aren't going to cost me my manhood. :)
    since its in vic its gotta be a 250,
    but shes gotta go!


  2. the CBR250RR and ZX2R's are tiny. With you on one it'll be like watching a person with a wheel coming out of each end going down the street.

    the Hyo 250 is a 650 sized frame, so better for someone your size... but then you're on a Hyo :LOL:

    have a look at the Suzuki GS500f?
  3. get the cbr250rr, it will be perfect for you!

    be sure to post pictures of you on it :grin: :bolt:
  4. Hi James and welcome to the forum. As a fellow bean pole (6ft 4) I am going to suggest a second hand VTR250.

    Apart from being the best learner bikes out there they have good resale as well for when it comes a time to move on.

    With a seat height of 780 there is not much else around for us tall fellas apart from Hyosung 250s or Honda Hornets. Unless you want to go for a trailie.

    Good luck with the purchase.
  5. We dont have LAMS here yet (June 2008)
  6. I think the cbr would be too small for you. I'm riding a cbr250rr and I find it just right but abit on the small side for me as when I sit forward on the seat my knee goes on the fairing.

    Hyo 250 would be better suited for you as I tired them and they're alot bigger. vtr's are quite good too as they're a tad smaller than the hyo(from memory).

    Hoped I helped..
  7. thanks for the replies, i understand the vtr are an excellent bike, but im looking for something fully faired at the moment (this may change as i might not find one i like), hyo is an option but id be going second hand and aren't 100% fond of what i hear about older models.

    are any of the 250 2 strokes out there big enough for us lanky's or are they the same size as the cibbys and such? lots of debate on whether 2 strokes are suitable for learners, i know, but purely from a size point of view? looking at the RGV in particular lots of parts etc. so thinking that might be the best one, only concern size.

    and just out of interest when LAMS kick in june 2008 will that affect learners who already have a non-LAMS approved bike who are still going to be on their L's for a while?
  8. In regards to LAMS I remember reading something about them releasing more information closer to the date. ie when they make it up.
  9. whats the height like for the kwaka gpx250? any model.
    and im assuming the vtr250 has a good ride height too?
  10. well I am 5ft 5 and the GPX fit me like a glove
    meaning both feet touched he ground, flat footed almost.
    so your 6ft 5 wll look like a dad riding his babies push car

    I would suggest the hyo as well, as it has got some descent size on it
    though it might be worth doing some research on it as some people have had drams with them mechanically

    All in all good luck with your search and welcoem to NR

  11. grab a VTR, n put some fairings on it :wink: :LOL:

    but seriously, theyre an awesome bike, im 5'10, plenty of room on mine.
    as others have said, your other option is a Hyosung
    but its a Hyosung :LOL:

    and u dont want service/repairs that will cost your manhood? well guess how much its gonna cost to repair/replace the fairings on any bike, if u stack it.

    thats why i went naked, plus the VTR just looks the seks.

    all the best with ur hunt :)
  12. I'm 6"1 on the GPX and it's fine. No problems reaching the ground and I don't feel too huge on it to be honest. I thiiink I may look a little big, but it's all about you right?