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Hello - soon to be new rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by SX2BU, May 10, 2013.

  1. Hey guys,
    After years in the car scene, and selling my pride and joy, i realised i was missing something in my life.
    Not being able to afford another crazy car after purchasing property had left me with limited options.

    I've always though of bikes to be pretty cool and fun, but i never really had much interest in them to the point of purchasing one, however more and more of my friends are starting to ride, be it for fun, or for cheaper commuting and i thought now would be a good time to give it a shot!

    Ill be looking to get my first bike in a month or so, trying to decide between a Ninja 300 or Ninja 650 and i'm kind of torn between the two. If anyone who rides either can throw me some advice that would be great! Cheers.
  2. 650...or instead of the 300 get a old zxr 250....it'd be thrashed but still a shitload more fun than the new 250/300's in my opinion anyway..
  3. I started off considering the older 250's, and i see the appeal, but since owning a new bike is reasonably affordable, i'd kind of want to take that path.
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  4. I have a beautiful '11 650RL.. i do love it and it is my first bike (of probably many to come)

    ABS will cause many arguments.. but im glad i have it and i have learned from having it in my first month of riding.. but because i had it .. i had no insurance bill. :)

    Best of all.. it will be on the market very very soon :) so speak to me when you make a decision :)
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  5. Ah nice, yeah i'm in the same boat, on one hand i want ABS because it's safer for a new rider, on the other, i don't wanna get a bike later with no ABS and not know how to brake efficiently because i'm so used to ABS.

    Sounds good about the bike, do you have a thread for it anywhere so i can have a look?
  6. Kwaka 650 is a good choice and not intimidating depending on big and sensible you are. It is a little bit heavier than a 250/300 which can be a factor.

    It really depends on you and how big you are. My first bike was a Kwaka Versys 650L with ABS, at 6" 1" & 120Kg that seemed appropriate. It was 209 Kg wet vs a Ninja 300 @ 174 Kg wet.

    You also need to consider the seat height to determine if you can flat foot it at a stop. My Versys 650 was 845mm seat height which is a bit high for a lot of people versys the Ninja 300 at 785 mm.

    ABS as an option is a no brainer, it is free safety under braking. In my year of riding it only engaged about 4-5 times at most but 2 of those times saved my bacon.
  7. I've sat on the 300 before, haven't done so on the 650 yet, the 300 looks and feels really nice, i have to say.

    I'm about 6'1, 95kg so i guess if you were comfortable on the 650 i'll probably be too.
  8. The Versys has a higher seat than the ninja 650 too.. so at 6'1 you will be really comfey on the ninja 650 over a longer ride than the shorter 300..

    I dont have a thread on it yet.. as its not quite on the market.. but if someone wants to look at it and hand over the cash then its theirs and ill just deal with being bikeless untill i leave for the US..

    Where abouts in melbourne are you? it might be worth catching up to have a look at a low klm well looked after version :)
  9. And of course, there's Saturday practice to look at bikes, including yours @Portagrug.

    Welcome btw.
  10. Funny you say that, i'm off to the states in about 4 days lol.

    I'm in Preston. Honestly I wont have the cash or the time for at least another month and a half, if it's still available then we'll catch up and i'll have a look.

    Can you PM some info of it, colour, km, how much you're looking at, other details etc?
  11. Ninja 650 is an excellent bike and is only 805mm in height. I preferred the Versys for the more upright riding position and higher view but now realise that I would have probably enjoyed a Ninja also.

    Anyway, I really loved the Versys and particularly it's powerful 650 engine common to all the Kwaka 650's and have just sold it for a new BMW R1200GS coming next week.
  12. Thats probably a really good time frame actually.. :)

    and +1 for Greydogs idea of coming to sat morning practice and having a look / drool and even a sit on a few LAMS bikes.. (its how i met mine :) )

    Ill confirm the K's and drop you a PM tonight with all the details and extras.
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  13. Yeah i reckon one of the first things i'll do is attended the Saturday refresher!
  14. I'm 6'2" and 90kg and am very comfy on a 650. I wouldn't suggest anything smaller with your stature as after a couple weeks you will be feeling very cramped.