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Hello people

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by haggis, Jul 12, 2005.

  1. Hi all, just found these forums and they look great. I'm in Sydney and new to motorbikes. I'm on my P's at 50 years of age, never had a licence of any kind before. Love riding my little Honda CA250. Hope to meet some of you Sydney riders soon.

  2. Hiya Haggis, welcome to the forum and if you ever get down to Melbourne, be sure to come to Friday nights coffee at South Gate :)
  3. G'day Haggis, & welcome! :)
  4. Pull up a seat and join right in.
  5. Hi Haggis :shock: and welcome :D .
  6. Hi Haggis and welcome
  7. Hey there Haggis, welcome. Have a laugh in here you will.. :D
  8. Welcome to the mad world of NetRider Haggis!

  9. Welcome to Netrider Haggis
  10. Welcum bro :wink:

  11. Hi Haggis
    Welcome another NSW-er!!!
    Stay in touch bro and we'll set you right!!
  12. G'day Haggis!
  13. Hi Haggis,

    welcome to the boards

    cheers stewy
  14. This place just gets bigger and bigger, doesnt it??

    More the merrier, i say!

    btw: G'Day! :newb:
  15. G'day Haggis, and welcome to the netrider forums :)
  16. Thanks everyone, you sure know how to make a guy feel welcome :D
  17. Hello and welcome :D

    Stay safe

  18. gday haggis and welcome. gotta start somewhere i say! have fun with your riding and especially on the forum :D :D
  19. me too

    Hi Haggis, welcome to Netrider.
    A lot of our members are based in Melbourne, but there's a lot in Sydney too, and we'd love to see you at the coffee night or on our rides. Check out the Events Calender, too, we have an overnight (weekend) ride planned for the first weekend of September, up to Tamworth by as many interesting roads as we can find, stay overnight and back on Sunday. We are hoping that enough people can get the Friday off that we may be able to ride up there on Friday, spend Saturday sight-seeing and riding, and then coming back on Sunday.
    Don't worry about the fact that you've got a 250, it's not going to be a race, just a speed-legal ride!