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hello peeps i'm new

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by dirty sanchez, Nov 28, 2005.

  1. i've been reading the forum for a while and only just joined up on friday and put up my first post today

    i've been riding dirt bikes all my life and rode an rgv till about a year ago when i sold it i'm in the market for a new stead and was wondering what the model designation is for a gsx250 katana i don't want to go looking around for one and keep getting gsx 250's all the time because i want the katana.

    i live in brizzie now but will be moving to wagga next year then adelaide later on next year and i will definetly go for some rides with everyone once i get a bike.

    and to the guy that was asking about stoppies in another thread you just have to suck it in and not be a girl it's easier with a bike with dual stoppers up front like the rgv but any bike can do it even ct 110's i've done no footers from 120 ks-zero plenty of times not on the ct 110 though
  2. Welcome to our happy little forum, mate. With all your moves coming up we'll be able to give you heaps about the different places; (Wagga Wagga, the town so nice they named it twice... not going into HM's Armed Services, are you?). Enjoy.
  3. Welcome mate, good taste in bikes :). If you're chasing the 250 Katana replica then the model designations were GSX250SSM for 1991 and GSX250SSN for '92. The engine code (often easier to search for) was GJ76A. Only real difference was that 'N models have a black engine, 'M models are alloy.
  4. Hi :)

    Nice bikes the 250 Katanas... basically an Across motor, but the styling is so so much yummier!

    *ignores screaming Across's riders opinions*
  5. Same as the Bandit motor, not the Across. Bandit/Katana motor was developed from the late 80s GSXR250, the Across motor came from the GS250FWS. (Across parts do not fit, trust me).
  6. not joining the services i've been in already for five years i'm just changing mustering

    i've had my eye on the katana for a while but they seem to change price like the seasons sometimes they're high sometimes they're low they never really stay level i think the katana is the best looking of all the 4t 250's, 2t's will allways rule though but no good for me this time around to much putting around in traffic.

    in regards to them being the same as the across/bandit motor aren't they air/oil cooled ? i thought the across and bandit where l.c.

    hey jd what price did you pay for your bad boy if you don't mind me asking
  7. Welcome.

    Cool p0rn name.

    The gsx250 was a late 70's to mid-80's thing. I think you could get them after 86, but not many were sold then.
  8. *oops* sorry you are of course correct...


    at least I got to meet the netrider 'obligatory insult an across a day' quota ;)
  9. Okay depends exactly which 250 Katana you're referring to. There was an air cooled parallel twin (the GSX250E) sold here during the 80'2 which looks like this. There's also the grey import (manufactured only in 91 and 92) liquid-cooled 4-cylinder GSX250S which looks like this. Mine's the grey import version, paid a little over 4,000 for it but that was from a dealer and included a full service.
  10. the grey import is the one i'm looking at.

    is there any bike importers like there is car importers ? who do all your compliacing and other rego needs in australia because they are heaps common in japan and really cheap with good mods
  11. Welcome to Netrider :)

    Australian Motorcycle Importers, in Port Melbourne. But don't know if they do "one-off" or custom imports?
  12. Never dealt with any bike importers myself, my bike having been traded in at a Suzuki dealer, but I'm sure there must be some around. I do know that my bike was originally imported by a Brisbane based company called Southside but I think they've since gone out of business. Definately worth keeping on eye on the likes of bikesales and bikepoint though as 250 Kats already imported/complianced do show up from time to time (that's how I found mine). Could also try http://www.importmc.com.au though I've no idea if they're any good/reputable.
    Edit: Oh and when it comes to mods for 250 Kats they don't get much better (or more expensive) than this (yes that is an intercooled turbo)
  13. why doe's everyone turbo bike's are they too scared to try something new/be inventive
    like a blower i've spent many a night dreaming of cutting a turbo in half for a centrifugal flow blower or even try to source a aircraft A.P.U. and make an axial flow blower, would be a lot of fun and there is a cam chain just sitting there ready to drive it off

    the only thing is if i can't find a good katana i will buy a road reg dirtbike
  14. Shouldn't be too hard to find a 250 Kat, when I was looking everyone I came across for sale seemed to be located in Brisbane. Definately worth the search, they're a great 250 and most people can't pick them at first from the larger 750~1100cc versions.
  15. Hi dirty sanchez , welcome .
  16. Welcome ot the boards........ gotta be nice to the qld members so when i am on holidays i maybe be able to get some free accommodation ;)
  17. you can be nice to me all you want but it wan't get you anywhere i'm moving 2 times in the next 11-12 months

    what are the rides like around adelaide can you still ride the eagle on the hill way down through the adelaide hills or do you have to use the tunnel ?