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hello old friend - emotional reunion...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ngalbrai, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. Took the beloved striple in for its first service yesterday, lo and behold what do I get as a loaner bike but my old CB400 which they havent sold yet.


    My god it felt weird and underpowered, for all the trepedation when starting out on the new triple as far as height, power, and ergos, all of these things now felt so wrong on the CB400, found myself wringing its neck way more than when I owned it (not just because it wasnt mine any more..), it felt too small, but i did like being able to comfortably flat foot again when parking...

    Interesting to see that as a result of a bigger more powerful bike that returning to my old one I felt like my riding and confidence had improved quite a bit. I can also see the point some have made about a smaller bike you have to thrash more being more fun - however, no doubt in my mind the triple was the way to go, much prefer it.

    Also interestingly they had removed the baffles from the staintune on the CB and it still seemed quiet compared to the raucous snarling rasp of the arrows on the triple - never tried them with baffles out as I think it would just be ridiculous and leave me deaf.

    Pleased it worked out that way, got to have a good point of comparison and fall in love with the triple all over again.

    Surpised no one has bought the CB yet, makes me glad I didn't bother selling it privately (or rather after a half hearted effort on here decided trade was far easier).
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  2. Same thing happened to me when I took the Weestrom in for a service. They gave me a stinken' yamaha r125!!!! It just reminded me of how crap the little blighter was... needless to say I rode it to the closest cafe, parked somewhere no one could see it and had a few short blacks while I waited for my beloved Wee to come back to me! It's so nice having no doubt how much better the new bike is over the old one :)
  3. Out of interest how many kilometres did it have and what price do they ahve it for?
  4. Don't know what they are asking for it but its done about 11,000kms - one careful owner etc etc. Great bike, didnt mean for any of my comments above to detract from it being a great bike, just that I have moved on now.
  5. I had a CB400 (not mine though) when I had my streety in for a service once too - was a massive difference. CB400 felt so soft and slow in comparison.

    On a semi related note - went for a ride on the weekend and stopped for lunch, and what was parked right near my table? My old CB400.
  6. cb400s are commuter bikes, nothing more. :bolt:

    I once did "swap rides" with a friend who had one. he enjoyed the swap more than I did. never again lol

    I suppose the time will come when you get a bigger better bike, you'll look back and feel the same for the triple?
  7. Haha, I had the same experience last week. Took my Street Triple out for the first time since buying a Fireblade. It feels so slow and relaxed now. Much more nimble at legalish speeds though. Funny, because I thought the same thing the last time I took my cb400 for a ride and was worried I'd bought a heavy-steering pig with the Striple. How perceptions change.

    Ah, I miss the cb. I think something about the blandess/characterless nature of it allows you to imprint your own personality into its soul. Or maybe I'm just suffering from the typical reminiscing about your first road bike blues. In any case, I still think about that bike all the time. Like you said - an old friend. Sniff.
  8. Yep, for a little while I still had my RVF400 once I'd upgraded to my R1. Left it on the stand in the garage whilst it was for sale but one day got the itch to give it a run right after I'd come back from a ride on the R1.....and OMG did it feel tiny, slow, and oooooooold! Rang It's neck like a madman clutchless shifting just to feel like I was moving, felt like I was kissing my knees (6' 100kg), it was skinny and almost upright body pos, and it just felt anciet in every way....power delivery, suspension, dash cluster etc.

    And to think I actually thought it was a big and powerful jump after my cbr250rr lol.

    I love my big bike :D
  9. Yes, I can recall the same sorts of feelings when using my 50cc after having bought my Sachs Express, and even more so when using my Sachs Express after buying my DR650.