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Hello, old bloke, Nth Qld

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by smiff, Jul 12, 2015.

  1. Hello from NQ . I'm about an hour SW of Cairns.
    I've had bikes before I had cars . Mostly roadies , except for a short stint (20 odd years) playing in the dirt . There was no bitumen where I was then .
    The newest bike I've owned or ridden was an '87 K100RS BM .
    My "daily" ride for the last 8 years is a '79 Suzuki GS1000S .
    It was a bit of a dog when I got it . Bucks , beers and blood have got her looking tidy and running pretty good .
    I've been to the Island on her 4 times (GP x 3 , Classics x 1) clocking up about 10 -12,000 km each time .
    Broke a clutch cable once .
    l'll get some pics up when I'm allowed , or can figure out how .

    Anyway , thanks for your time .

    Cheers , Smiff

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  2. Welcome Smiff, your account needs to upgrade to Member status before you can post pics. Post up on various threads and it shouldn't be long. Cairns to the island is an epic trip, what routes did you take, favourites etc. Have you done the Bonang from NSW down into Victoria?
  3. Hi Smiff....NQ aaaah warmth :)
  4. G'day smiffsmiff, welcome to Netrider. I'll second cjvfrcjvfr's comment about the journey to and from Phillip Island - that is fantastic. I'd also be interested to hear about it, how long you took each time, etc.
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  5. Welcome old bloke. I love the old GS's. That's a cool trip to the Island. I can't wait to retire :(
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  6. welcome aboard :]
  7. Hey there .
    Thanks for the welcome .
    cjvfr , I haven't been through Bonang . Usually (if I ended up in the area) from Bombala (I lived there - or Bibbenluke - for most of primary school years) down to Cann River .
    Favourite rides on the way to the Island , The putty road of course , backwards and forwards over the Snowy - anywhere . A lot of the time , I got lost and just followed the road , decided which way at each intersection , didn't really know where I was most of the time . That's why I usually don't ride with a group .
    xj6n , I'll waffle on about those trips (a couple of years ago now ) and our trips to the States (I've got a GS1000G stored over there ) when I get used to this site . I'm not real computer goodly.
    lionz, I can't wait to retire either .

    Cheers , Smiff .
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  8. Hello and welcome to the forums smiffsmiff :) I'd give my arm and a leg to be anywhere south-east of Cairns right now! Would love to hear about your trips and to see photos of your Suzie if you'll be happy to share. Long distance riding is something I'd love to do when I retire, bugger it's too far in the future for me...
  9. Welcome Smiff. 100km SW of Cairns - so up the hill then. Not that warm then either.
    Cairns to the island is a fair run, Shire riders did it a couple of years ago although they had a few issues.
  10. Welcome smiffsmiff old scmold! Many if us are long in the tooth but young on the bike ;)
    Great rides a few Cane toadys on NR now...
    Ah the Island...one day...
  11. Welcome to NR..

    Share your stories and pics when you get a chance.